Weekend @ One: Cotton project fails to take off as planned in Bula irrigation scheme, 9/10/2016

KTN Newsdesk | Sunday 9 Oct 2016 3:19 pm

The launch of the irrigated cotton planting exercise at Bura Irrigation Scheme in Tana river county failed to take off after it emerged that the local leaders and the farmers had not ironed out some sticky issues contained in an agreement between them and key stakeholders in the SHs 60 million scheme. the highly hyped launch that was to be presided over by industrialization CS Aden Mohamed did not materialize after he send his technical advisor on cotton/textile Rajeeve Arora. Area governor Hussein Dado and area MP Ali Wario were also absent. Deputy Governor Jire Siyat who spoke at the function welcomed the project saying it was meant to uplift the economic standards of the farmers but expressed concern that previous engagement with national irrigation board and other stakeholders had failed the farmers.