Standard Group PLC launching Women Group Network Programme

KTN News Oct 11,2018

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The performance of a company is heavily characterized by the level of engagement of their employees. The engagement levels are an indicator of how much the employees are motivated to do the job well and put effort in carrying out their roles. The standard group, are launching a women group network programme. It is an initiative to equalize the gender gap in engagement levels at work. This is after an internal survey that revealed men being more engaged at work than women. Women and men need to be equally engaged at their work places for better productivity. Research shows that men do not accurately assess what women are experiencing in the workplace. The company is looking to boost its productivity by empowering the voices of women and having them be the change ambassadors of empowering women at the workplace. Standard group is looking to host a women network event which will be culminating in a companywide forum to better engage women.