Babu Owino faces Supreme Court in a legal battle to retain Embakasi East seat

KTN News Oct 03,2018

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Embakasi East contest did began at the campaigns ahead of the August 2018 poll, but it certainly seems far from over, at least until the Supreme Court ruling. Let's appreciate the court battles between the top contenders Babu Owino and Francis Mureithi, now on : August 2017 ? Babu Owino declared MP of Embakasi East Francis Mureithi moves to high court to challenge the win.

        13/1/2018 ? High court orders vote recount

        2/3/2018 ? High court nullifies Babu's election, citing election malpractice

        Board 2

        8/6/2018? Court of Appeal overturns High Court ruling, declares Babu Winner

        14/6/ 2018 ? Francis Mureithi appeals ruling at Supreme Court 

        3/10/2018? Supreme Court hears on Mureithi appeal