ERC announces new fuel prices

KTN News Sep 14,2018

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Beginning midnight tonight Kenyans will enjoy some relief at the pump after the ERC released new fuel prices for the month of September. 

A litre of super petrol in Nairobi decreased by 2.21 cents which will see one part with 125 shillings for a litre while diesel increased by 0.39 cents and will now retail at 115.47 shillings while kerosene rose by 0.29 which will now sell at 97.70 shillings. 

The drop in prices has been linked to a decline in the cost of imported fuel which shrank by 2.33%. 

The new prices which are inclusive of the 16% value added tax on petroleum products are still on the upper band for a majority of Kenyans. According to the ERC the new prices are cognizant of the ongoing debate on the vat tax.

Compared to the old price of 113.75 for a litre of super petrol the rise in prices is equivalent to almost 20% jump in the period under review.