COTU-SHIP: Even if it takes 1000 years I will marry you - Atwoli to KTN News Anchor Kilobi

Saul Owiti Aug 10,2018

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Mary Kilobi, a Kiswahili TV anchor with KTN, has finally opened up about her private love life, admitting that COTU boss Francis Atwoli, whom she calls 'Mr Amazing', is her husband.

Social media went wild last week after a seemingly jilted Bungoma politician Jack Wanami Wamboka, claimed that Atwoli eloped with Kilobi who was his wife.

Kilobi told The Nairobian that, "I love Atwoli, he is a caring man who is always there for me. Given another chance, I will still fall in love with him." Yet when Atwoli first proposed to her, she turned down the offer.

She describes the COTU boss as a responsible man who comes home straight from work. The couple lives at their IIbisil home in Kajiado after Atwoli finally won her heart in 2016