How the Big Four Agenda somehow confused though process for 2018/19 National Budget makers

News Centre | Thursday 14 Jun 2018 11:36 am

Rotich is expected to outline how he will raise the trillions to fund next year’s budget, without sinking the country into additional debts. The Government has indicated that it may introduce Robinhood taxes, which is a policy adopted to take away money from the rich and distribute it to the poor.

Mobile money transfers, bulk bank transfers, big corporations, and wealthy Kenyans are some of those expected to be taxed more to fund the ambitious Big Four agenda.

The taxman is counting on ongoing reforms in tax administration primarily as a result of modernising VAT systems, reducing zero rated products through the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018, tax base expansion targeting nil and non-filers; to help boost its tax collections. Other initiatives include ensuring that all national and county government suppliers are tax compliant.