Chief Executive Director

Recruiter / Employer: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

We are seeking an inspirational and visionary individual who displays and sets the tone for professional values such as excellence, teamwork, diversity, and innovation to take CIFOR-ICRAF to the next level and further increase its impact at global level. Working under the overall guidance of the CIFOR-ICRAF Common Board and supported by a diverse Senior Leadership Team, the CEO will build on our strong reputation and credibility.

The CEO will oversee the development of CIFOR-ICRAF policies, systems, processes and practices, consolidate existing strengths and identify new opportunities and approaches in a dynamically evolving environment to ensure ambitious strategic goals are met.

This is a top leadership role in an exciting international environment which requires strategic vision, gravitas, humility, innovative thinking, collaboration, dialogue and networking, change management, emotional intelligence as well as political acumen.

To succeed in this role, the candidate will demonstrate:


• Ability to define clear goals and inspire people to achieve them.

• Experience in leading a high-performing organization with a culture of enabling and empowering people.

• Exceptional interpersonal and team-working skills, with a proven ability to motivate, earn trust and

enthuse whilst delegating appropriately to focus on strategic issues.

• Emotional Intelligence is as vital as IQ, this position calls for substantive leadership experience gained within international and diverse settings.

• A deep understanding of and commitment to the work of CIFOR-ICRAF and understanding of broader scientific developments.

• Proven ability to translate vision into effective strategy.

• Ambition and energy to pursue the plans for consolidation and operational delivery.

• Experience of designing, developing, and implementing business strategies, under the overall

guidance of the Common Board.

• Proven experience of inspiring and motivating large teams and a talented workforce with diverse needs.

• Innovative skills in fundraising and ability and drive to seek new revenue streams and business models.

• Credibility and influence with donors, investors, national stakeholders, partner organizations.

• Sound operational, financial and risk management skills and control responsibility.

• Proven skills in change management and organizational development, ideally in a post-merger


• An understanding and commitment to organizational equity, inclusion, and diversity.

• Experience of rapid problem-solving at a high level.

• Strong communication and presentation skills, actively and visibly representing the organization and its mission towards different stakeholders.

• Specialist knowledge of rural development, political economy, land use change, social inclusion, and equity, and/or environmental issues.

• Working knowledge of Bahasa, Spanish and/or

French is desired.

Qualifications and experience

• A PhD, or equivalent qualifying experience, in a relevant field.

• At least 10-15 years at a senior leadership level in a similar, or aligned, organization.

• Exposure to organic expansion and post-merger integration is desirable.

• Strong analytical and strategic acumen to grasp the complexity of the CIFOR-ICRAF structure and

develop it further (i.e., shape its success for the next 10-20 years.



The CEO will:


Strategic Management



• Develop, review, and oversee the implementation of the CIFOR-ICRAF strategic plan and deploy sound procedures for change and growth.

• Conceptualize and deliver approaches for placing the organization at a leading position globally.

• Build and enhance strategic partnerships, as well as ensure CIFOR-ICRAF´s visibility and competitive positioning within relevant sectors.

• Embody CIFOR-ICRAF values in directing institutional culture towards delivery and impact.

• Serving as an ex-officio member of the Common Board of Trustees, drive implementation of a long-term strategic program for the organization and ensure accountability of the leadership team for delivering on the Business Model and Operational Plan.


Management of People, Finance, Systems


• Have strategic and operational responsibility for CIFOR-ICRAF staff, finances, and systems that support growth of programs and ensure efficiencies.

• Establish effective systems to track and evaluate CIFOR-ICRAF performance and provide direction to ensure the institutional viability, financial and operational health of the organization.

• Maintain a healthy, productive, and supportive work environment and culture that mentors, nurtures, and enables staff to reach their potential.

Relationship Management, Resource

• Mobilize and leverage the power of relationships and networks across both public and private sectors to elevate CIFOR-ICRAF’s impact and brand.

• In coordination with staff, design and roll out fundraising strategies to support both existing and

new mission aligned programs and pursue new revenue streams.

Compliance, Risk Management and Governance

• Ensure that CIFOR-ICRAF reliably achieves its objectives, addresses ambiguity, acts with integrity in line with policies and processes and ensure adherence to the hosting agreements.

• Identify and mitigate or exploit risks that could hinder or benefit CIFOR-ICRAF in achieving its objectives.

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