About the Position

Process & Change Partner will support the systematic efforts to identify and document business processes across the Africa region; lead efforts in the region to effectively improve processes through implementation of new process, systems, data, reporting and by providing clear organisational change material (communications, education and assistance). The role will be responsible for fostering local expertise and understanding in business process optimization and execution; data and system requirements; practical application and effective local project management and organisational change.

Specific responsibilities include (not limited to)

  • The role will contribute to process and data architecture diagrams and documentation that clearly articulate process, procedure and system dependencies for the Region and member countries including key activities and workloads; supporting systems; and data. The role will also contribute to a body of best practice material and templates for process design; project management and organisational change.
  • Work closely with people across Business Operations and other divisions to ensure data, systems, integration, reporting, process and change for the Africa region are closely aligned to organizational needs.
  • Assist the team to maintain and extend systems and data architecture and maintain a body of templates and best practice.
  • Coordinate, lead and ensure alignment between different teams working on different change components (people; programs; systems, processes, and technologies; structures and functions; leadership and governance, etc.)
  • Support management to design, implement the change communications plan and sustain information sharing with various stakeholders using various communication media.
  • Apply appropriate change management process and tools (new and existing within The Foundation) to the change process ensuring participation of staff and regular communication to various stakeholders.
  • Conduct impact analysis, assess change readiness and work on appropriate strategies with management to counter resistance and ensure engagement of key stakeholders in the change process.
  • Assist management in developing risk management strategies for the change process including potential risks at different stakeholder levels and resistance.

About You! To be successful in this role, we are seeking someone with the following experience and skills.

  • 5 years’ experience in a similar role.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Project management/Organisational development (MBA Advantage).
  • Strong non-profit experience with process, data and change projects in Finance, Programs, Governance or Operations.
  • Worked (in person or remotely) with people across multiple countries, especially in Africa, South Asia and South East Asia.
  • Strong familiarity with key systems, especially Synergy Indicata; Infor SUN systems, iPOS and InforBI; Citrix ShareFile.
  • Experience writing practical communications, user guides and instructions to support process and system changes.
  • Participating in projects and project teams involving process and system change as well as familiarity with concepts of change management and organizational design (theory and practice).
  • Strong ability to provide previous examples on how to implement system and process knowledge to ensure alignment between system, process and people within the desired to-be organizational design state.
  • Working knowledge of various change management tools and processes (e.g. change management plan, communication plans, flow charts/process mapping, surveys and questionnaires, etc).

Something extra to get our attention!

  • Formal organizational change (for example - PROSCI & CCMP).
  • Process design and optimization (Lean, Kaizen etc.) Good experience with project management approaches, tools and phases of the project lifecycle.
  • Education campaigns for systems, data and process.
  • Excellent system and process knowledge to ensure alignment between system, process and people within the desired to-be organisational design state.

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