Software Development - Online Course

Recruiter / Employer: Moringa School
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Active
Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary learning-accelerator committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by providing transformative tech-based learning. Our curriculum is industry specific and blends technical education with life skill development and practical experience. We promote excellence and a strong sense of community whilst delivering accelerated learning programs. Ultimately, we seek to unlock a learner’s potential and help them build futures with greater confidence, capability and possibility. We understand the investment of time and money that learners and their families put into education and the critical importance of gaining tangible growth and development during the time that is spent at a learning institution. Students want to be able to pursue their passion and ensure they achieve the necessary professional and personal skills from their chosen course.  Moringa School has helped over 3000 young people kick-start their tech careers since 2015. Employers who hire our graduates come back from more and over 80% of our past students tell their acquaintances, friends, and family to join.

Our Learning Model

Technology evolves rapidly, with new developments all the time. One of the biggest challenges for professionals is to keep up with these changes. We understand that learning is an individualized process because every student approaches learning differently and this is why we take a blended approach to how we train our students. This blended learning model allows students to take charge of their progress by mastering the curriculum in their own unique way at their own pace.

Blended learning transforms traditional, lecture-style classrooms into a more interactive environment for students. By mixing online learning with face-to-face interaction, students get a more comprehensive education that combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods.

Why Our Learning Model Works

Aside from the reasons highlighted above, our blended learning methodology works because of the following:

  • Location flexibility; you can access the course content anytime, anywhere.

  • Better ability to manage your stress and workload by learning at your own pace through our online system.

  • More effective interaction between instructors and students.

  • Hands-on, experiential learning, which leads to a deeper, more long-lasting grasp of key concepts.

  • Supportive community where students support each other and bond through their shared experiences.

  • Gain self-confidence by immersing in a community that fosters the value of proactive participation. 

Our Graduate Support Program

Our Graduate Support Program provides all job-seeking alumni with a platform to engage with and learn from more than 80 potential employer partners. The program is made available to all alumni for up to 6 months post-graduation; a period in which they actively participate in coaching sessions and recruitment drives organized by us; in addition to mock-interview training that make them better equipped for their job searching journey.


Why study at Moringa

Moringa School delivers up to date curriculum that covers problems that businesses face and technologies that they currently deploy. This results in graduates who can solve problems and innovate to be leaders in the world of tech.

At the end of this course, you will have built and deployed apps. So you will have projects that you can use to show prospective employers and clients that you are a software developer. You’ll also learn soft skills such as presentation and communication to help you launch a successful career.

What you’ll experience in the online software development course:

  • Technical mentors deliver lessons live via video using Zoom
  • Full access to course notes and assignments on Canvas (our learning application)
  • Daily standups via Zoom to catch up with classmates
  • Practical projects daily to cement your skills
  • Group projects and discussions to cement leadership and collaboration
  • Access to your technical mentor for one on one sessions
  • Daily classes on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm except during public holidays 

Internet access and attendance:

  • Students must attend 70% of classes
  • Moringa School supports students to get internet for online learning
  • Learners must check-in in the morning then check out in the evening
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