Senior Frontend Engineer

Recruiter / Employer: WhereIsMyTransport
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired


WhereIsMyTransport is looking for an experienced front end engineer to work with a team focused on building transport data collection and processing tools. The frontend stack is built with React and Redux and the backend is a C# API leveraging



  • Building large, scalable web apps
  • Problem solving and solutioning
  • Good understanding of algorithms and best practices for performance and scalability.


  • Excellent knowledge of React and experience building complex React apps and components
  • Good knowledge of unit testing React components using React Testing Library
  • Good knowledge of React hooks
  • Good knowledge of Redux, actions, state manipulation and side effects using RxJS
  • Good knowledge and proficiency with Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS and SASS
  • Good knowledge of working with APIs and consuming data from APIs
  • Good knowledge of service workers
  • Good knowledge of bundlers such as webpack
  • Good knowledge of architecture and design, especially for frontend projects
  • Some knowledge of Mapbox and GeoJson


  • Knowledge and experience with server side rendering frameworks such as NextJS or Razer/Blazor
  • Knowledge of C#
  • Knowledge of Docker and kubernetes
  • Knowledge of end-to-end testing frameworks like Cypress or Selenium
  • Knowledge of responsive design


  • Working with large amounts of spatial data in an efficient manner
  • Working with a large, complex web application
  • Building complex features which need to scale to large datasets
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