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Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

Project Summary:

Hatua Network is seeking a curriculum development consultant to help develop a soft skills curriculum, which we will pilot with youth in Hatua’s programs, in order to then make it available open-source to any organizations across Kenya and the region that want to incorporate soft skills mentoring into their education programs.

About our upcoming curriculum development project:

We are seeking an experienced curriculum designer to work closely with Hatua’s Executive Director and the programs team to overhaul our curriculum and bring in the most cutting edge methodologies for teaching soft skills and measuring learning outcomes. Our goal over the next 3 years is to develop, test, and iterate 152 hours of activity based, soft skills mentoring curricula for Kenyan high school students aged 14 to 17. As the  program is planned for scale, curricula for training trainers will be developed, too. Resources we have in place include a curriculum architecture/roadmap and initial drafts of  6 of the 9 modules, created in house and piloted once. These drafts have too much content 
and not enough interactive learning. We can use them as a starting point for the curriculum  design process.

Overall project flow:

Year 1:

  • Deeply understand the target audiences and their realities and learning styles to ensure curricula are fully tailored: Both the youth/participant AND the typical trainer who will delivery the curricula/sessions
  • Develop learning principles to guide the curriculum design process
  • Review Hatua’s existing curriculum architecture/roadmap with Hatua’s team and develop an agreed upon final version.
  • Identify 3rd party existing curricula we can incorporate and adapt in order to reduce the amount of content we will create from scratch.
  • Create, draft and compile curriculum including:
  • Content + learning assessments (to enable us assess whether students have achieved competency level proficiency) + trainers manual (facilitator guide) for each session (76 sessions @ 2 hours each = 152 hours total).
  • Curriculum for training the facilitators.
  • Tools to collect feedback on the curriculum and facilitator effectiveness.
  • Where 3rd party content is incorporated, ensure that the final curricula are harmonized
  • Hatua’s team then pilots the new curriculum and collects feedback for iteration process
  • Year 2:

    • Revise the curriculum based on learnings from year 1 pilot
    • Hatua’s team again rolls out the reviewed curriculum and collects feedback for iteration process

    Year 3:

  • Final revisions based on 2nd round of implementation and in preparation for digitization.
  • Capacity Building of in-house team to take over the ongoing annual curriculum iteration process.
  • Digitize curriculum and make it accessible open-source to organizations and schools that want to integrate soft skills education into their programming. (This will be done through a separate TOR.)
  • The secondary mentoring curriculum we desire to build: 
  • The soft skill mentoring will be conducted through in-person group sessions, where students learn together and from interaction with each other. Learning methodology should be activity-based because skills are learned and adopted through practice, not theory. Learning should also be fun and memorable.
  • Content to cover the following 8 soft skills at a foundational/introductory level: 
  • Ethical Citizenship, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Proactivity, Personal Efficacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork & Leadership, and Digital Literacy. These skills help to nurture the foundational character strengths and competencies that support our youth to prosper in their personal and professional lives.
  • Who we are looking for: 

    You are a Senior Curriculum Design Lead, with proven ability to guide an entire design and iteration process (We are new to much of this!)

    • Experience designing curriculum that teaches soft skills (also referred to as competencies or 21st century skills) to youth in an activity-based way (experiential learning).
    • Measuring learning has been an integral part of your curriculum design work. You have previous experience and insights into how to measure soft skill learning outcomes using a range of methodologies including observed behavior, learner self assessments, peer assessments, written reflections, activities, etc, resulting in the ability to evaluate student competency levels across various soft skills.
    • Understanding of the realities and challenges facing youth from marginalized backgrounds and experience designing curricula targeting low-income or marginalized youth is required as is regional experience (designing for youth in Kenya or East Africa).
    • Awareness of existing available resources that we can draw from and insight into best in class organizations to draw sessions from (globally)
    • Strong passion for supporting youth to tap into their limitless potential and enthusiasm for your work to help youth across organizations, regions, and even countries to develop the character, mindsets, skills and values that will prepare them to excel.
    • Available to be involved in the full three year project, including two rounds of

      Method of Application

      Please express your interest under this form. You will be asked to upload your CV, a budget and a relevant work sample as part of your application. Any questions? [email protected]

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