Manager, Resettlement

Recruiter / Employer: RefugePoint
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

The Manager, Resettlement position requires the highest degree of professionalism and ethical commitment to manage resettlement activities to ensure a clear, credible, transparent, equitable and efficient resettlement programme.

Required Qualifications

  • University Degree in Law or related field;
  • Prior experience in refugee work particularly in resettlement, status determination or protection;
  • Excellent communication  skills;
  • Ability to network and engage with various partners;
  • A high degree of cultural sensitivity and ability to adjust to change;
  • Self-motivated and able to work with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Manage the Resettlement Case Processing in Nairobi
    • Act as the focal person for resettlement case processing and promote the strategic use of resettlement as a protection tool and durable solution to vulnerable urban refugees in Nairobi.
    • Supervise, mentor, and technically support the Senior Officer(s) Resettlement to ensure high quality, efficient and professional processing of resettlement referrals
    • Manage the resettlement pipeline, review cases that have been referred internally, confirm resettlement needs and conduct verification with UNHCR Nairobi and assign cases accordingly;
    • Act as the point of contact for external referrals – receive referrals from NGOs and partners, review and confirm resettlement needs, liaise with the Urban Program to ensure data entry/opening of physical files. Conduct case verification with UNHCR and assign cases for intake as appropriate;
    • Provide feedback and regular updates to partners, including UNHCR, on the status of referred cases subject to confidentiality guidelines;
    • Review a minimum of 20 RRFs per month and related BIDs, MAFs and other documents in line with the Resettlement SOPs and ensure full compliance with integrity safeguards;
    • Provide feedback to caseworkers/resettlement officers after reviews with a view to improve and strengthen the quality of referrals. 
    • Provide technical support to Senior Officers, Resettlement for quality assurance, conduct coaching and training and strengthen case processing capacity within the unit.
    • Support the RefugePoint-UNHCR Collaboration Project through training of new Experts and when needed, conduct missions to UNHCR operations to provide resettlement support.
    • When requested, assess clients’ cases, identify resettlement needs and conduct interviews of vulnerable clients who have been identified for resettlement in accordance with RefugePoint’s guidelines and standard operating procedures; 
    • In coordination with colleagues and as required, participate actively and support in the development and refinement of the case identification framework with particular attention to integrity and compliance issues;
    • Act as the focal person for resettlement-related communication with partners and interlocutors including UNHCR and resettlement countries.  Follow up on deferrals, enquiries and requests for clarifications and initiate necessary action in a timely manner;
    • Review and design systems for regular updates to clients with resettlement cases, conduct resettlement counseling to clients with a view to managing expectations in the resettlement process;
    • Implement resettlement policies, strategies, and standard operating procedures to maintain a coherent, credible, and transparent resettlement programme.
    • When requested and as needed, provide technical and other support to the Economic Mobility Project and other Complementary Pathways Initiatives.
  • Manage the Pool of Resettlement Interpreters
    • Coordinate the identification and engagement of resettlement interpreters;
    • Supervise resettlement interpreters, manage performance and staff development.  Monitor and mentor resettlement interpreters to ensure quality of interpretation and translation activities.
    • Assess the performance of resettlement interpreters and maintain accurate performance records;
    • Identify training needs of resettlement interpreters and coordinate their training for capacity enhancement;
  • Documentation and Reporting
    • Systematically update the clients’ database on resettlement activities, case status information from resettlement partners and maintain and generate statistics when required;
    • Ensure clients’ files are updated and documents filed accordingly;
    • Prepare monthly reports on resettlement activities;
    • Document best practices;
  • Training
    • Assess training needs in the Resettlement Unit, design and implement training to strengthen the Unit’s capacity and assist in the training and orientation of newly-hired Resettlement and other staff including Experts.   
    • Attend to any other duties as assigned.
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