Applied Data Science And Analytics Intern

Recruiter / Employer: Zalego Academy
Contract: Contract / Casual
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired


Zalego Academy in collaboration with Stepwise are pleased to announce the Zalego ICT for Youth Annual Internship Program. Zalego is a leading capacity building company and a leading Industry based training provider offering a wide range of skill based, hands-on programs that are tailored for the Kenyan ICT sector. With the rapidly changing technology, it is critical to mentor candidates and equip them with digital skills so they can quickly transition into the constant changes in the industry.

The internship is a 6-month program which is designed to prepare shortlisted candidates to become software development experts who can take up challenging responsibilities and positions in participating companies through our placement program.

The internship provides students with hands-on experience and a chance to demonstrate their skills as they learn. Through the program we are able to identify and attract high-potential talent and later guarantee full-time employment in our partner companies.

We're looking for performance-driven, innovative leaders who understand the importance of collaboration and customer focus to intern with us. This internship is open to students in 3rd and 4th Year and to those who have graduated or are yet to graduate.

Persons with disabilities are also invited to apply.


The selected interns will be involved in real-world, cutting edge technology projects that benefit both the intern and the companies that support our program. Interns focus on agile software development in Web development, Android, data science and analytics, information security and other critical areas of focus for partner companies.


  • Pursuing a BS/BA in Management Information Systems, Information Technology or Computer Science.
  • Willing to be mobile and relocate anywhere in Kenya.
  • Resiliency and ability to adapt quickly.
  • Desire to build a career in Information Technology.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience within campus and/or the community.
  • Strong problem solving and business process skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


  • Scientific Python programming skills (pandas, scikit-learn, numpy and matplotlib)
  • Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL
  • Experience with Machine learning (regression, classification, tree-based methods, etc.)
  • Statistics knowledge (p-values, linear model assumptions, logistic regression)
  • Knowledge of docker and/or cloud technology
  • Knowledge of git
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