Policy Analyst Governance

Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

Position Summary / Purpose

 To conduct objective research and analysis on Public Policy issues with the aim of providing advice to policy makes; advice the government and government agencies on public policy; develop and maintain research resources and databases on public policy and disseminate research findings through seminars, roundtable meetings and workshops/ Conferences 

Key Responsibilities 

1) Undertaking relevant objective policy research; 

2) Conducting capacity building activities for government and other stakeholders; 

3) Undertaking policy analysis and provide policy advice to government; 

4) Participating in developing research proposals to raise targeted funds to enhance sustainability of the Institute; 

5) Participating in enhancing the Institute’s networks and partnerships; 

6) Disseminating research findings through seminars, roundtables, workshops and conferences; 

7) Publishing of research work including referred journals, and book chapters; 

8) Developing policy oriented outputs such as discussion papers, working papers, policy papers, policy briefs among others; 

9) Contributing to the preparation of work plans to achieve the Institute’s mandate; 

10) Participating in the preparation of KIPPRA flagship report; 

11) Participating in policy engagement forums such as task forces, working groups among others; 

12) Collecting and updating data and ensuring the overall quality of this data; 

13)Updating on current economic developments to guide in identifying policy issues for the Institute focus; 

14) Participating in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports-has individual targets that also need to reported; and 

15)Developing content and publish in peer Reviewed journals to disseminate research findings and contribute to the body of knowledge at national, regional and international levels. 


For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

 i. Bachelor’s Degree in Economics or related social sciences from a recognized institution;

 ii. Master’s Degree in Economics or related social sciences from a recognized institution from a recognized institution ;

 iii. Computer Skills; 

iv. Knowledge of basic statistical software for data entry, extraction and reporting; and

 v. Fulfill the requirement of chapter six (6) of the constitution.

 Personal Attributes 

 Proven ability to identify and critically assess issues and trends. 

 Well- developed and practiced negotiating skills. 

 Organizational abilities and time management skills 

 Demonstrates teamwork 

 Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work 

 Attention to detail and problem-solving skills 

 Excellent written and verbal communication skills 

 Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task. 

 A positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills

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