Senior Policy Analyst, Governance

Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired


  •  government agencies on public policy; develop and maintain research resources and databases on public policy and disseminate research findings through seminars, roundtable meetings and workshops/ Conferences 

Key Responsibilities 

  •  Undertaking relevant objective policy research. 
  •  Conducting capacity building activities for government and other stakeholders. 
  •  Undertaking policy analysis and provide policy advice to government. 
  •  Participating in developing research proposals to raise targeted funds to enhance sustainability of the Institute. 
  •  Participating in enhancing the Institute’s networks and partnerships. 
  •  Disseminating research findings through seminars, roundtables, workshops, and conferences. 
  •  Publishing of research work including referred journals and book chapters. 
  •  Developing policy-oriented outputs such as discussion papers, working papers, policy papers, policy briefs, among others. 
  •  Contributing to the preparation of work plans to achieve the Institute’s mandate. 
  •  Participating in the preparation of KIPPRA flagship report. 
  •  Participating in policy engagement forums such as task forces, working groups, among others. 
  •  Collecting and updating data and ensuring the overall quality of this data. 
  •  Updating on current economic developments to guide in identifying policy issues for the Institute focus. 
  •  Participating in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports. 
  •  Assuring quality of research outputs. 
  •  Developing research proposals to raise targeted funds to enhance sustainability of the Institute; and 
  •  Developing content and publish in peer Reviewing journals to disseminate research findings and contribute to the body of knowledge at national, regional and international levels. 


  • For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: 
  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Economics or related social sciences from a recognized institution from a recognized institution; 
  •  Master’s Degree in Economics, or related social sciences from a recognized institution from  a recognized institution; 
  • ( Supervisory skills course lasting not less than two (2) weeks from a recognized institution; 
  •  Knowledge statistical software for data entry, extraction and reporting; and 
  •  Computer Skills and use of statistical software’s; 
  •  Minimum experience of three (3) years in Policy Research and Analysis; 
  •  Minimum of two (2) publications in peer Reviewed journals; 
  •  Minimum of three (3) research papers including KIPPRA discussion papers, policy papers, working papers, special papers as well as book chapters; 
  •  Training in Modeling skills will be an added advantage; and 
  •  Fulfil the requirements of chapter six (6) of the Constitution. 

Personal Attributes 

  •  Proven ability to identify and critically assess issues and trends. 
  •  Sound knowledge and experience in the application of advanced research methodologies. 
  •  Demonstrated ability to make timely, fundamentally sound and quality decisions pertinent to research priorities, and identified research outcomes that impact on Kenyan people. 
  •  Confident in networking and engaging with key institutions and relevant stakeholders to minimize research gaps.  Well- developed and practiced negotiating skills. 
  •  Excellent problem-solving skills.
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