Mobility Field Operations Manager

Recruiter / Employer: M-KOPA
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

We are looking for a Mobility Field Operations Manager to be based in Kenya within the Labs Dept who’s resourceful, organized, and proactive about getting things done.

In this role, you’ll be expected to lead on four key fronts:


  • Be an expert in understanding our mobility customer base, their needs, desires, and behaviors
  • Communicate that customer understanding back to the team to help improve existing sales processes, operations, and product design


  • Drive and develop the sales model, testing and iterating to find efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Manage the process to build and operationalize in-field sales channels, entailing:
  • designing an efficient dispatch and distribution process flow,
  • determining an inventory schedule,
  • managing stock, gathering the voice of the customer to optimize the customer experience, and
  • testing in-field customer care/end-of-life processes
  • Be a customer champion by training sales agents to hone customer education and sales pitch and post-sale servicing technicians to ensure customers have the best experience with M-KOPA
  • Recruit, train, and support the productivity of in-field sales agents to smash sales records


  • Liaise with logistics partners to manage stock, prepare bikes for sale, recollect bikes (as needed) and undergo reverse logistics at end-of-life
  • Outline direct-to-customer delivery models in rural settings and SLA with logistics partner


  • Develop the commercial product proposition, identifying product benefits relative to customer needs
  • Manage tradeoffs involving schedule, cost, pricing, line positioning, and lifecycle management
  • Assist in the design and choice of motorbike models, features, and add-on products for sale, informed through customer research and market insights
  • Position the product in relation to other products and the competition
  • Lead within a cross-functional team with research and development, sales, operations, finance, and the commercial team through the complete product development cycle
  • Manage a Motorbike Fleet Technician to outline basic motorbike troubleshooting procedures and conduct diagnostic tests to determine fault patterns; identify required design adjustments, in addition to processes for return to supplier and resale
  • Work closely with leaders across M-KOPA – from Marketing, Supply Chain, Customer Care, and Logistics, Sales and Tech – to drive forward the Mobility product category, pushing sales and gaining cost efficiencies through collaboration and customer advocacy


Education: Bachelors’ degree in any field but exceptions will be made for candidates who can show an exceptional track record in this area.

Experience: Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in Product Development and/or Supply Chain Management, having managed at least one entire product development cycle from concept to introduction.


  • You are a motorcycle enthusiast who loves all things mobility.
  • Reflexively ask yourself, “is this process/design the best to make my users happy?”
  • Love the idea of building and crafting where little structure exists.
  • Experience with project management, working face-to-face with customers in a product management environment, and building long-standing relationships to see your goals achieved in a fast-paced environment.
  • Consider yourself a customer champion, seeking out customer insights and gathering customer feedback to inform internal teams/partners on business and product requirements.
  • Are well-versed in working with supply chain / technical / credit/marketing teams to push sales and stock management.
  • Have experience formulating product messaging and creating outbound marketing/sales training materials.
  • Have a hardnose for commercial acumen and product management skills required.
  • Act as a coach and have experience managing a team.
  • Can communicate clearly with colleagues who work, speak and think differently.
  • Work to make things easier for the next engineer who will touch your code.
  • Always try to improve as a programmer and colleague.
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