Our Country Campaigner for the Horn of Africa will tackle issues like freedom of expression, association and assembly, and justice reform.  As a Campaigner, you can expect to have a direct impact on these key areas, as well as on our overarching regional campaigning and research strategies. Focusing mainly on Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, you’ll develop effective, strategic campaigning plans and work with both AI colleagues and external partners to deliver them. You’ll also create clear and compelling campaigning materials for a range of audiences, writing reports and public statements, making videos and web features, and raising awareness and mobilizing our members to effect human rights change. And you’ll constantly look for ways to improve your work too, researching effective campaigning methods, monitoring impact and staying up to date with the latest human rights developments. Responsibilities • A practiced campaigner, you'll know how to create successful campaign strategies and build awareness through powerful actions and recognized techniques.
• You'll also understand the importance of flexibility and be ready to adapt and evolve your plans.

• We'll expect you to understand human rights and the political landscape within the East and Horn of Africa, both in general terms and specifically, with knowledge of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, and key thematic areas as outlined above.

• You'll be able to translate that knowledge into campaign materials and creative initiatives that inspire activism online and offline and have the fluency to express complex ideas in English.

• You'll have a network of civil society and government contacts and the clout to represent Amnesty International to audiences ranging from civil society groups and governments to our global membership.

• Beyond that, you'll be a real team player relishing close collaboration with our researchers, colleagues and partners.

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