Senior Wastewater Engineer

Recruiter: UNOPS
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Active

Job information


Job Description


  • Advanced University Degree (Master's or equivalent) in water and wastewater, mechanical, civil, chemical or environmental engineering.

Work Experience 

  • At least 7 years of technical experience in the design, planning, installation and commissioning of water and wastewater engineering projects, and associated technical disciplines such as water quality testing protocols, and risk assessment is required.

  • Within the 7 years of experience, at least 5 years of experience should be in engineering project management and the leadership and/or capacity building of engineering and technical teams, and at least 3 years of experience should be in applied engineering research and technical development and the writing of technical reports.

  • Experience in fieldwork in remote sites, fragile states and post conflict settings.

  • Experience in metering and monitoring technology is desirable.

  • Experience within the UN is desirable.


  • Full working knowledge of English is essential. Knowledge of another official UNOPS language (especially French) is an asset.


The scope of this assignment can be divided into: a) Operational field mission support b) Systemic and strategic advisory, including the catalyzation of change in strategic approach.

  • Operational field mission support (at least 50%):

  • Visit field missions to provide on-ground expert advice and / or provide desktop support on:

    • Planning, costing and implementation of wastewater management investment programmes.

    • Troubleshooting recurrent equipment and site performance problems.

    • Undertaking review of and/or conducting risk assessments, root causes and developing appropriate risk mitigation measures.

    • Training / capacity building of UN engineering staff and/or local contractors in wastewater management.

    • Review and provide technical advice to missions on their Water and Wastewater Management Plans.

    • Provide review and proactive technical advice to missions throughout the environmental Action Planning and Performance process. 

    • Engage with senior leadership to elicit top management support for investment programmes, particularly with respect to rectification of key risks and in annual budgeting processes. 

  • Systemic and strategic advisory

  • Working under the auspices of a working group on water and wastewater, contribute to systemic and strategic initiatives for improved wastewater management in the field. The output shall include:

    • Scoping the technical challenges and developing field appropriate technical solutions for water and wastewater treatment. The respective role of outsourcing vs in-house solutions is to be comprehensively assessed.

    • A detailed exploration of technologies appropriate for various scales and complexities of field operations.

    • In-depth guidance for each priority technology and infrastructure solution, covering scoping, sizing, design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting and decommissioning. 

    • Lead the development of technical specifications, sourcing strategies and SOWs for priority technologies and infrastructures.

    • Cost engineering data including unit rates. 

    • Guidance on the end-of-life, including handover and/or decommissioning of wastewater treatment infrastructure. 

    • Lead the development of Policies, Guidelines, SOPs, Standards, key performance indicators, templates for the implementation of water and wastewater management practices.

    • Provide substantive contributions to various working groups and senior leadership meetings.

    3. Monitoring and Progress Controls

    The activities and outputs will need to consider, inter-alia, the following constraints:

    • Relatively short timeframes for planning, design, construction and commissioning and operational lifespan.

    • The capital and operating costs, in particular the energy and human resource needs for commissioning and operation.

    • The potential for handover to host nations upon mission liquidation.

    Outputs will include:

    • Provision of advice in the form of verbal, written and diagrammatic output, including face to face/VTC meetings and presentations, internal documents and associated working files to high standard.  

    • Writing and/or editing short technical and applied research reports for publication as grey literature.

    The Engineer will act as a technical lead and primary author on many documents. Technical, CAD and editing support will be available, however the Engineer will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling the support tasks, which may come from both internal teams and external partners. The Engineer may be responsible for managing the tasks of junior staff members. 

    Travel (up to 30%), potentially to remote locations including least developed countries, will be required. All travel expenses will be covered in accordance with UN rules and regulations. 

    The successful candidate will be working in a multi-stakeholder team. They would be expected to demonstrate professionalism and a strong work ethic; ability to work independently; flexibility and willingness to provide innovative solutions to potential challenges they will face. They will also use their communication and diplomatic skills to influence a range of stakeholders, from field technical operatives through to managers at senior level within the UN system.

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