Research Officer I

Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Active

Job information


Job Description

Overall Purpose of the Job

The position holder will be responsible for the study of ecology of African stingless bee species and establishment of rearing demonstration sites in Kenya (Taita and Makueni counties) and Ethiopia (Yabelo Woreda, Oromia Region).

Specific Duties The successful candidate will be expected to:

§ Collect data on stingless bee species diversity regarding landscape in agropastoral ecosystems.

§ Collect data on foraging plants regarding landscape in agropastoral ecosystems.

§ Collect data on stingless bee colony dynamics in agropastoral ecosystems.

§ Experiment on various swarm attraction methods to increase hive colonization rates in agropastoral ecosystems.

§ Supervise, organise, and maintain the stingless bee and pollination laboratory.

§ Train stockholders on meliponiculture and best management practices.

§ Write reports.

§ Assist in any other duties assigned.


▪ Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Resource Management.

▪ Minimum of 3 years’ work experience in African stingless bee species and management technology developed by icipe.

▪ Basic knowledge on the regional distribution of African stingless bee species.

▪ Good ability to differentiate the African stingless bee species based on general bee body morphology and nest features.

▪ Good basic knowledge on the nesting behaviours of African stingless bee species. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT (Ref. No. NRS/449/062021) INTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT

Core Competencies

The successful candidate must have experience in:

§ Pinning bees and mounting a bee collection.

§ Rearing technology of stingless bees developed by icipe.

§ Basic pollen collection methods (flower, bee bread) and mounting of pollen reference material. § Basic pollen analysis methods (e.g., melissopalynology).

§ Stingless bee colony multiplication technics developed by icipe.

§ Data collection on stingless bee colony dynamics (food storage, brood abundance, colony weight, nest entrance size).

§ Data collection on development and life cycle of stingless bees. § Basic knowledge on artificial queen production technics.

§ Use of GPS and data records.

§ Training of trainers in meliponiculture and basic pollen analysis methods.

§ Harvesting of wild nests of stingless bees and sampling bees and hive products. Other Desirable Attributes

§ Good communication skills. § Excellent timekeeping skills. Reporting This position reports to the Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Commercial Insect Programme.


Applications will be accepted up to 25th June 2021. Interested applicants should submit:

(a) a confidential cover letter;

(b) detailed CV with names and addresses of 3 referees (including e-mail addresses); and

(c) a statement illustrating suitability against the listed qualifications/competencies/ abilities, and skills. Candidates are required to apply online through: or by Email: [email protected]

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