Mobile Support Technician Supply (Temporary Position)

Contract: Contract / Casual
Salary: Confidential
Status: Active

Job information


Job Description


To provide 1st and 2nd line (remote or in person) technical support to MSF missions in supply chain and to contribute to capacity building of field staff through the application and transfer of technical know-how according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to enable the development of the missions in perfect working conditions and optimize the impact of the medical projects.

Education and experience

  • Degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering or similar

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in supply chain management

  • Asset: experience in humanitarian sector/MSF

  • Fluent written and spoken English. French strongly desirable. Additionally: Spanish and/or Arab would be an asset

  • Experience leading, coaching or working with teams in some remote, or security tight context to achieve desired results

  • Good understanding of computers and new technologies

  • Excellent oral and written communication to motivate and influence the teams



In collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and under the supervision of the HQ technical advisor or referent work with mission staff to promote relevant technical awareness and to improve technical delivery in supply chain, providing support and advice area in accordance with Terms of Reference agreed with the mission, normally comprising the following responsibilities:

  • Carrying out a functional evaluation of the supply chain set-up, assessing the applicable technical systems, structures and HR set-up, the compliance with procedures, policies and guidelines, within the framework of MSF standards in order to identify the main areas for improvement.
  • Assessing and validating local suppliers and local (sub-) contractors for quality of materials, systems, parts, etc. to ensure compliance with MSF quality standards.
  • Developing and initiating the implementation of the improvement plan based on the recommendations arising from the functional evaluation.
  • Assisting the supply team with the design of new (complex) systems and/or with the implementation of (new) protocols, tools etc.
  • Monitoring and supervising established, and on-going work and systems related to supply chain and provide technical advice and solutions when necessary.
  • Assisting the supply team in their HR tasks such as recruitment & selection of technical staff, briefing and debriefing of focal persons and supply staff.
  • Identifying training needs and contributing to the definition of training content for supply chain. Facilitating team learning and provide on-the-job training on technical basics related to area of specialisation according to MSF standards to enable effective implementation of relevant methodologies, systems and tools and ensure best practice is delivered.
  • Upon request of the Head of LogOps Unit and in coordination with the Supply Unit in HQ, develop new policies, tools, protocols and SOPs related to supply chain (with a local, regional or even global approach).

Contributing to the continuous learning and development of the department by:

  • Drafting reports and action plans following field visits to capture experiences and lessons learnt.
  • Contributing to the research and development of field tools, practices, guidelines and policies based on insights gained in the job.
  • Developing and maintaining knowledge of practices and approaches within the area of supply chain, and to share this knowledge with others to enhance operational effectiveness.

Providing direct field intervention:

  • Upon request, participate in emergency operations.


1/ Field support

  • The Mobile Support Technician Supply gives support to missions, based on visits at location, of typically between 2 weeks and 2 months duration. For each visit, the exact support needs from a mission will be discussed between Supply Referent, Logistic Advisor of the operational cell, Logistical Co-ordinator and Supply Responsible in the mission, and the Mobile Support Technician Supply him/herself, and will be agreed based on a “Terms of Reference” (ToR) document.
  • In terms of processes, the scope of Mobile Support Technician Supply support includes the entire supply chain, excluding medical stock/pharmacy management. Example processes: local procurement, local & international purchase order management, (mission internal) replenishment order management, transport management & documentation, logistical stock management, (pre-) customs clearance.
  • In terms of supply chain enablers, the scope of Mobile Support Technician Supply support includes organizational set-up of supply teams, guidelines & procedures, supply chain systems (e.g. Log7 and Portal European Supply Centre), warehousing structures and systems, performance management and supply chain follow-up.
  • In terms of types of support, the scope of Mobile Support Technician Supply support includes (but other types of support can be agreed in ToR): training, optimization of supply chain processes and/or set-up in mission, guidance in market assessment and procurement activities, evaluations of supply organization, audit/assessment of supply chain procedures and execution, evaluation of supply chain/warehousing structures and set-ups, and/or advising Mission Co-ordination Teams regarding way forward for their supply chain.
  • In terms of deliverables, the Mobile Support Technician Supply provides at the end of a visit: visit report (including evaluation according to standardized evaluation format and action list for way forward), and any other deliverables agreed. He/she will provide these deliverables to the mission, and discuss with Mission Co-ordination Team, Logistic Advisor at cell level, and Supply Referent.

2/ Optimization of the MSF OCBA supply chain

  • A limited amount of time (max 25%) the Mobile Support Technician Supply will dedicate to specific improvement/development projects for the MSF OCBA supply in general (so mission-independent). Projects can vary from process improvements, procedures and guidelines, training material etc.

3/ Collaboration

  • Collaboration with other colleagues in Supply Chain unit regarding supply chain optimization, and mission-specific priority setting.
  • Collaboration with colleagues from operations regarding field support: Supply Responsibles, Logistical (and for specific topics Medical and Financial) Co-ordinators (all at mission level), Logistical (and for specific topics) Medical, Financial Advisors at cell level.
  • To lesser extent but can be relevant: collaboration with colleagues from other functional departments/units (medical, logistical, finance) or European/Regional supply centers regarding collaborative topics.
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