Content Developer 2- Identity

Recruiter: Microsoft
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Active

Job information


Job Description

Are you passionate about technical writing? Are you excited about helping customers to successfully provision, manage, and deploy apps in the cloud, and how they can securely share their company’s apps and resources with guests and external partners?

If so, you belong in our Identity content development team! Here’s the who, why, and what you’ll be doing as part of the team telling the end-to-end Microsoft Identity story so our developers and IT admins can successfully build and manage apps for their organizations and customers.

Who: You’re a technical person who is passionate about technical writing and how important quality documentation is to the customer experience. You’re able to translate technical details into clear, everyday language that our customers can understand. You ask questions. You act as the customer advocate, thinking about what the customer needs to know as a new user, and what they need as they become more advanced. You’re able to come up with a cohesive strategy and see the big picture. You’re a lifelong learner who understands that there’s always room to improve. You’re collaborative, able to accept and incorporate feedback, and you always keep the end goal in mind—to produce what’s best for the customer.

Why: Think of the far-reaching impact you can have on our customers if you can help them accomplish their goals. Our organization is healthy, and our leadership is open minded and flexible. Roles in content development offer a solid career path and provide a broad view of our products and services.



  • You’ll use your writing expertise to help your team create a range of content, like conceptual docs, quickstarts, tutorials, end-to-end scenario content, and training.
  • You’ll learn about new technologies and explain the features using language that can be easily localized and that our customers can understand.
  • You’ll work with our feature teams to understand content requests, help on-board them into our publishing pipeline, participate in design and UI string reviews, and manage content releases.
  • You’ll work with engineering, customer support, and marketing teams to understand customer goals, needs, and pain points.
  • You’ll use customer & partner feedback and data about the product & content usage to prioritize the most important work. You can interact directly with customers to understand what they need.
  • Your content sets will include contributions from others as well as your own. You’ll help focus everyone’s efforts in the right direction and ensure deliverables get out the door.
  • You’ll continue to refine and improve your plans and your content through customer feedback, testing, and by keeping current with the ever-evolving technological landscape.


Basic qualifications

  • Three years of excellent technical writing, communication, and project management. Writing experience may include blogs, articles, internal or external customer/community user documentation, and other customer-facing content.
  • Experience at gathering customer requirements and prioritizing across multiple deliverables.
  • Proven project management, organization, and planning skills, including track record of delivering great results under tight deadlines.
  • Strong affinity for cross-group collaboration, negotiation, and organization skills.
  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, System Administration, Technical Communications, or a related field, or equivalent industry experience.

Preferred qualifications

  • At least five years of technical writing experience in a software company, writing professional customer-facing documentation
  • Background as an IT administrator, DevOps or software developer is helpful
  • Experience working in GitHub and Markdown language
  • Experience with Azure Active Directory and other Azure services
  • Experience with languages or platforms like Angular, Node.js, Python, Android, or iOS.
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