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Duties and Responsibilities

a) Reviewing patients and instructing in writing all the recommendations; Page 8 of 24 b) Undertaking “First-on-Call” duties including clerking, investigating and managing patients. c) Conducting weekly clinic and theatre days. d) Training, supervising and mentoring Medical Officers, Medical Intern and other students. e) Performing emergency surgeries. f) Undertaking medico-legal duties including filling of P.3 forms, court attendance and performing post mortems. g) Undertaking medical examinations and preparing Medical Board Proceedings; h) Carrying out community diagnosis, care and treatment. i) Ensuring data and information is collected, transmitted and utilized to benefit of the customer and service provider. j) Conducting disease surveillance, prevention and control. k) Professional Indemnity Cover. l) Carrying out health education and promotion; and m) Preparing medical reports.

Qualifications and Experience

a) Master’s Degree in Neuro-surgery from the University of Nairobi or any other recognized University. b) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.Ch.B) degree from a recognized institution by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. c) Proven experience of not less than one (1) year at the level of Medical Specialist. d) Specialist recognition certificate from the Medical Practitioners’ and Dentist Board e) Registration Certificate by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. f) Valid practicing license from Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. g) Retention in the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board register. h) Professional Indemnity Cover. i) Evidence in knowledge and proficiency in computer applications. j) Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Key Competencies 

a) Effective communication skills. b) Policy and strategic implementation. c) Risk Management. d) Technical competence. e) Decision-making and problem solving skills. f) Empowering/delegating. g) High standards of professional ethics. h) Managerial, administrative and supervisory skills. i) Coping with pressure and setbacks. j) Project planning and management. 



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