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Duties and Responsibilities This is the entry and training grade for this cadre. Duties and responsibilities will include: - (i) undertaking desk reviews for policy formulation and development and participating in stakeholder validation forums; (ii) providing support to units and subdivisions in the development of strategies, policies and legal instruments as well as bilateral and regional agreements for enhanced external relations; (iii) collaborating with Counties on bilateral, regional and multilateral issues for trade promotion and capacity building. (iv) collecting, analyzing and disseminating market information to the Public for informed decision making in Agribusiness and related services; (v) establishing input requirements and preparing annual projections; (vi) participating in exhibitions, agricultural trade fairs, conferences and meetings for information sharing; (vii) coordinating market information from urban centers in all counties and; capacity building of enumerators to support the National Market Information system; and (viii) collecting data and training of county staff in surveillance and management of trans-boundary pest



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Agriculture MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE 4 months ago