Job Closed!
Job Type:Permanent
Location:Athi River

Job details

Main Responsibilities

1. Developing and implementing the risk management framework by ensuring the implementation of risk processes i.e. risk identification, risk assessment, risk monitoring and reporting. 2. Liaising and discussing with Auditors on proposed risk mitigations and ensuring that they are complied with fully. 3. Reviewing of major insurance contracts and claims to ensure compliance of company guidelines/policies. 4. Ensuring that risk is analysed appropriately for appropriate prioritisation and action. 5. Developing strategies which include risk awareness and training to establish and embed a risk culture across the business unit. 6. Influencing and ensuring that managers have embedded risk management in their daily responsibilities. 7. Overseeing the maintenance of the risk registers and generating risk reports to the Board Risk Committee and Management. 8. Interpreting proposed, new and existing statutory regulations for the business to enable management prepare appropriate plans for implementation or for engagement with the regulators. 9. Overseeing the process of conducting compliance reviews and follow up on management implementation actions to ensure timely resolution of compliance gaps and to also ensure adequate processes and controls are put in place to enhance compliance. 10. Escalating compliance issues to management and Board Risk Committee as appropriate for action. 11. Talent management including coaching, mentoring, developing, motivating, training and evaluating staff in the Risk and Compliance department to achieve highest levels of performance. 12. Leading and managing the Risk and Compliance related company communication. 13. Identifying, implementing and benchmarking best practices in management.

Job Specifications

Key Drivers Relevant Experience Academic Qualifications 1. Bachelors Degree in any business related field Professional Qualifications 1. Diploma in Risk Management and a member of the Institute of Risk Management. 2. Either CPA/ACCA, ACII or Forensics or an equivalent qualification Key Job Skills (specific to the job) ? Financial management ? Risk management ? Analytical skills ? Project management ? People management ? Ability to understand the big picture in which the business is operating, the interplay between the different components Insurance Skills (special Category) ? Insurance knowledge ? Understanding of the key regulations General Skills ? Communication skills ? Interpersonal skills At least 6 years of experience in managerial position



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