Social Media Strategy and Campaigns Implementation Consultant

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Company:The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)
Category:Marketing, Communications & PR
Job Type:Permanent

Job details

Scope of engagement;

  • Develop and produce social media content for African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)
  • Implement/conduct online targeting of audiences on social media platforms to position AATF and establish sufficient reach among AATF target audiences.
  • Implement and track AATF social media presence and campaigns; monitoring and evaluating AATF related conversations on social media.
  • Implement social media campaigns, generate content for blogs, digital productions and paid for digital contents for online social media platforms.
  • Propose various regimes for coordinated media buying, social media marketing and influencer management to promote and support AATF strategic and communication goals and indicate the different strategy achievement levels and costs.
  • NB: Deliverables, cost and details of how the work will be delivered MUST be submitted.



  • Individual/Company /Organization profile
  • Description of your organization, its primary business activity, clients, experience, management, etc.
  • Affiliation with relevant bodies as a consultant will be an added advantage


Failure to provide all or any part of the above requested information will result in a proposal being excluded from the evaluation process.


The consultant must have a good track record in developing and implementing social media strategies for developmental organizations/initiatives; preferably with agricultural or environmental organizations, and a good understanding of digital marketing for not-for-profit organizations. Proof of evidence should be provided.





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Marketing, Communications & PR The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) 5 months ago