Core Access Planning Engineer

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Category:IT & Telecommunication
Job Type:Permanent

Job details

Job Responsibilities

  • Planning, forecasting and managing BSC/RNC element additions and expansions.
  • Preparation of HLD and predicting traffic demand of different technologies (Including and not limited to GSM Voice/GPRS/EDGE and 3G Voice/Data) in the country, region, BSC/RNC, LAC/RAC and suggest required RAN capacity addition and expansion in all aspects ahead of time to avoid congestion.
  • Conducts network architecture design and feasibility studies.
  • Preparing the Handshaking plan for BSC/RNC elements with Core.
  • Suggest re-parenting of BSS/UTRAN elements based on Core Access capacity.
  • Working on the topology planning and proposing the required re-homing and/or re-parenting as needed
  • Monitoring and maintaining the utilization on all the interfaces and H/W resources of the BSCs including but not limited to Abis (TDM/IP), A (TDM/IP), Gb (TDM/IP), HSL, SIGTRAN, GSL, GPH, CPU, TRH, STEB.
  • Work on BSS, PCU, TC, Gb, Abis, A, GSL, HSL and SIGTRAN capacity dimensioning, planning and load optimization.
  • Planning, dimensioning, redesigning and optimizing LAC/RAC borders. Analyzing CCCH and signaling load to come up with feasible solutions be it LAC optimization or signaling link expansions.
  • Performs high level CS/PS Traffic monitoring and forecasting.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly expansion requirements based on forecast.
  • Tracking and following up the BSC/RNC projects with vendors and subcontractors. 
  • Maintain traffic model factors like mErl/Subs, Location Update/Subs, Signaling Load/Subs, kbps/sub, activity factor, HSPA usage, smartphone percentage etc
  • Monitoring Iub utilization all over the network and handling the regular Iub Expansions process.
  • Manage and design new capacity addition and expansions on Iub, IuCS, IuPS, DPU, EPB, SPU and other processing cards.
  • Perform and assist BSC/RNC internal parameter audit on quarterly basis.
  • Develop and evaluate network performance criteria and measurement methods.
  • Study and assist in preparation of business case study for management decisions and changes in technical strategies.
  • Providing technical and analytical support for new technology/architecture.
  • Compiling and presenting recurring and ad-hoc reports regarding network capacity, project plans and network elements.
  • Updating documentation on RAN nodes, H-W/S-W version, location and interconnectivity
  • Deployment on-air and decommissioning dates.
  • BSC and RNC hardware and software requirement projections for timely execution.
  • Quality monitoring on KPIs eg CSSR, paging SR, LAC/RAC/TAC size managements and mapping corrections, CPU Utilizations, Interface Utilization, packet drops on IP interfaces.
  • Manage BSC/RNC Capacity Requirements, traffic rearrangements, new equipment loading, equipment decommissioning and redeployment etc.
  • BOQ Preparation and alterations according to network requirements and evolution.
  • Equipment rollout requirements, planning and executions (Evaluation, surveys, Installations, Commissioning, Integrations and Loading)
  • Align vendor RAN technologies/Roadmap/s with the Safaricom/RAN strategy
  • Provide support in the development and implementation of Radio Access Network Strategies.
  • New BSC/RNC Hub requirements evolutions, surveys, advisory etc.
  • BSC License usage monitoring and management
  • BSC Feature testing, trials, activation and parameters standardization
  • Continuous Network modernization
  • Support Core network, radio and transmission planning teams in their modernization and capacity upgrades.
  • Accurate Documentation of network equipment, on-air dates
  • Proactive solutions to emerging network challenges


Job Requirements


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Telecommunication Engineering, with an emphasis in Radio communications;
  • Experience in telecommunication with a minimum of 3 year of 2G/3G hands on experience in Radio Network planning/operation.
  • Knowledge in traffic modeling and capacity dimensioning, forecasting and management. Knowledge in tele-traffic Engineering is a plus;
  • Practical knowledge on use of radio planning tool and capacity planning tools.
  • Practical knowledge of interoperability between 4G, 3G and 2G networks.
  • Candidates with experience in Nokia and/or Huawei equipment will have an added advantage;
  • A team player with excellent problem solving skills.




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