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  1. Be responsible for the implementation of educational policies, professional practices and maintenance of the teaching standards at the institutional level;
  2. Ensure the review and development of training curricula and oversee the effective management of all academic and training programs;
  3. Lead the College to achieve its mission, goals and values, by sharing an ambitious vision which inspires learners, staff and others;
  4. Ensure that appropriate College policies and procedures are in place, applied and monitored, including those related to financial and staff management, health and safety, safeguarding, and equality and diversity;
  5. Develop strong, effective and harmonious working relationships with the Board, ensuring that members are updated on progress against the strategic plan and on significant issues and developments which are likely to impact on the College’s strategies and performance;
  6. Consult widely and communicate effectively with staff, students and stakeholders to ensure that the College follows best practice in all matters relating to education;
  7. Lead the strategic planning process in partnership with the Board of Directors and staff members, and develop and implement a plan of action that sustains and builds on the College’s success;
  8. Be conversant with relevant provisions in the constitution and other laws and regulations that relate to education and teacher Professionalism;
  9. Ensure the College fulfills its legal, statutory and regulatory requirements from government, regulatory bodies and funding partners;
  10. Develop annual college work plans, budgets and timely reports on financial management of the college’s funds;
  11. Implement proper and clear marketing strategies to ensure continued recruitment of new students within the set targets;
  12. Lead the teaching staff, managing their performance against key targets and taking follow up action as necessary;
  13. Ensure maintenance of high standards of discipline by both staff and students;
  14. Facilitate the integration of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in all the courses that are offered by the college;
  15. Inform, engage and inspire students on entrepreneurship and innovation and ensure they have an appreciation and solid understanding of how to apply these skills to their careers and/or business ventures;
  16. Participate and collaborate with other training institutions and stakeholders in establishing mentoring and internship opportunities for the students;
  17. To represent the College, both externally and internally as appropriate;
  18. Any other duties as may be prescribed from time to time.


  1. Must have attained a minimum Grade of B+ in KCSE and be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification from a recognized University. A PhD in relevant disciplines will be an added advantage;
  2. Must have at least seven (7) years of Academic, Administrative and Research experience at Senior level in a recognized Tertiary Institution;
  3. Must have substantively held Senior Administrative posts such as Principal/Deputy Principal in a University or University College, Director /Deputy Director of an Institute, Directorate or Campus, Dean of a Faculty or School or Chairperson of a Department in a recognized University for at least one full term;
  4. Must be a recognized scholar as evidenced by number of supervised postgraduate students, attracted research grants/awards, recent publications in internationally recognized journals and or tertiary level books;
  5. Have an excellent understanding of current trends in College education and training in Kenya and globally, and a broad awareness of the factors and conditions shaping the development of tertiary education;
  6. Have a track record of success and performance characterized by visionary and strategic thought, rapid growth and service delivery as well as translation of ideas into value outputs;
  7. Demonstrate ability to network, fund-raise, mobilize training and research grants towards the development of the College;
  8. Ability to probe for, analyze and synthesize information, as well as express ideas clearly, both verbally and in writing;
  9. Should demonstrate the ability to grow, support and develop young talents;
  10. Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, self-driven attitude towards work, and commitment to the mission of the college.







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