Career Counsellor

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Company:The Managemaent University of Africa
Category:Social Development
Job Type:Permanent

Job details


  • To assist students in developing educational goals consistent with their life goals.
  • Give guidance on choosing and attaining an educational or career goal.
  • To provide counselling services to students experiencing psycho- socio problems that could be potentially disruptive to their successful academic, interpersonal, and campus adjustment.
  • Train students on job search skills, such as writing a winning curriculum vitae, resume, application letters, interviewee skills, and networking.
  • Supervise the acquisition, maintenance, and dissemination of information regarding career fields, employment opportunities, and specific employers for full-time, part-time, internship and work-study opportunities.
  • To offer and establish institutional exchanges with both local and international universities.
  • Identify students in need of referral resources outside the school for additional support
  • Create an entrepreneur incubator to offer student’s laser focused support to develop their ideas.
  • Provide information on specific programs and services offered by the university or by organizations outside for educational and / or career enhancement of the individual.
  • Develop partnerships with Alumni Organizations to identify employment opportunities and engage their participation in campus recruitment services such as on-line job listing service, resume referral, on-campus interviews, career fairs and information sessions.
  • Assist with administrative responsibilities as assigned.


  1. A bachelor’s degree in Counselling or Psychology
  2. Be emphatic and a good listener
  3. Have excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  4. Be computer literate
  5. Have excellent report writing skills


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Social Development The Managemaent University of Africa 6 months ago