Head of Property

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Category:Accounting & Finance
Job Type:Permanent

Job details

Key Responsibilities:
  1. Lead the real estate/property research and analysis by reviewing property/real estate information
  2.  Analyse due diligence outputs in on potential investment opportunities in order to contribute to an investment decision
  3. Provide high quality strategic advice, research and analysis  to investors
  4. Keep up to date with market developments, new investment products and all other areas that can affect the real estate industry
  5. Lead in the evaluation, formulation and implementation of  property investment strategies
  6. Maximise property investment performance
  7. Provide leadership to the property team to achieve AMC business objectives
  8. Adhere to internal and external risk and compliance standards
  9. Deliver on performance requirements as defined in the departments’ strategy map, balanced scorecard and Personal Scorecard.
A detailed Job Description will be given to the successful candidate.
Key Performance Measures:
Performance of property investment classes

External working relationships:

  • Capital Markets Authority
  • Other regulatory authorities
  • Britam  Customers
  • Britam Suppliers


Knowledge, experience and qualifications required:


1.     Bachelor's degree in Commerce,  Finance, Economics, Real Estate or related field

2.     6 - 7 years’ experience in the property sector, of which 3 should be in a managerial position

3.     Professional qualification in real estate

4.     Knowledge and applied professional understanding of the principles and practices of investments

5.     Capital markets, and portfolio analysis

Essential Competencies:
  • Deciding and Initiating Action: Ensures, key organisational objectives are met, takes responsibility for decisions, actions, projects and people while focusing on achievement of strategic results; takes initiative and works under own direction; initiates and generates activity; makes quick, clear decisions with limited information available which may include tough choices or considered risks; decisions and actions takes into account possible impact on all parts of the business.
  • Leading and Supervising: Provides the business with a clear direction based on the overall strategic intent of the organisation; motivates and empowers others with a clear sense of purpose; creates a positive organisational climate that fosters learning and development; acknowledge high potential talent; sets and articulates the vision and values through own personal behaviour.
  • Relating and Networking: Easily establishes, as well as assists others in building good relationships with customers and staff across all departments, inside and outside of the organisation; relates well to people at all levels; facilitates the resolutions of conflict and manages disagreements with tact and diplomacy.
  • Persuading and Influencing: Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating to the benefit of the organisation, promote the organisational strategy during conversations; makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others; promotes ideas on behalf of oneself, the department or the organisation; makes a strong personal impact on others; takes care to manage the organisation’s impression and brand on others.
  • Formulating Strategies and Concepts: Works strategically to realise organisational goals; sets and develops organisational strategies; identifies, develops positive and compelling visions of the organisation’s future potential; takes account of a wide range of issues across, and related to, the organisation; encourage others to take a strategic and long term view in terms of the organisation’s future; communicates the organisational strategy, vision and objectives effectively across all levels of the organisation



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