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Job Type:Contract

Job details

Key responsibilities:

1. Co-ordinate and supervise sales of all line of Business products (through cross selling activities);
2. Overall responsible for branch profitability;
3. Meet the various revenue targets for all product lines as agreed with the businesses;
4. Manage franchise and maintain excellent relations with independent Agents, Financial Advisors, brokers and other channels within their territory;
5. Ensure branch can serve clients of all lines of business and provide excellent customer service to existing customers and prospective clients;
6. Recruit and develop Financial Advisors, Unit Managers, and train various intermediaries to pursue sales of all line of business products;
7. Ensure each branch can serve clients of all Line of Businesses i.e. branch has cross functional operations and customer service capabilities
8. Gather marketing intelligence statistics to facilitate development of strategies to give the company a competitive advantage;
9. Drive cross-selling and up-selling of Britam products
10. Ensure the Branch adheres to Britam Credit Policy and all other policies and guidelines
11. Ensure business is conducted in an ethical manner, KYC details are obtained and submitted and Turn Around Times (TATAs) are respected
12. Grow and defend Britam’s market share position for FA & IFA channels
13. Direct, guide, manage and offer support to CSEs sales matters
14. Formulate and implement strategies that ensure IFAs and FAs are well versed with Britam products
15. Ensure the Branches sell balanced general insurance product Portifolio which returns profit
16. Participate in formulating and implementing any marketing activities and promotions
17. Ensure IFAs and FAs needs are met as well as receiving comments and suggestions on improvement on the products
18. Delegated Authority: As per the approved Delegated Authority Matrix
19. Responsible for ensure proper credit control management in the branch; and
20. General management and administration of the branch office.

Key Performance Measures:


• Total Revenue (per client)
• # Products (per client)
• Branch Profitability
• Customer Satisfaction Index
• Key Talent Retention
• Persistency levels


• Success of Single Distribution within the region & branch


• % of employees achieving targets
• % FA training plans executed
• % processes re-engineered to serve the customers
• % audit recommendations implemented
• % FAs trained on all product lines
• Revenue per FA
• % Retention of high performing FAs

Working Relationships:

Internal Relationships:
• Responsible for staff working under this position
• Required to liaise and work closely with the other staff members in Commercial and other Business Units
External Relationships:
• Britam customers
• Insurance sector players



Knowledge, experience and qualifications required:
 1. Bachelor of Commerce degree (marketing or Insurance option preferred)
2. Professional qualification in Insurance (ACII, FLMI or IIK)
3. 7 - 10 years sales management experience in the financial services sector 3 - 4 of which must be in a management position

Leadership category responsibility framework (Core Competencies):

Change Leaders in Britam need to:
  1. Strategically lead a function to service customers from a sustainable and growing customer base whilst increasing profit;
  2. Continuously configure and adapt the functional area to most effectively suite the future view of the business;
  3. Introduce new concepts so that they are adopted appropriately at the right time (manage the rate of change);
  4. Be in touch with the changing industry, customer needs and international best practice;
  5. Improve the efficiency of the function by appropriately challenging managers about operational and tactical issues;
  6. Ensure the function has the most appropriate people capability through effective inspirational leadership, people
  7. development, and optimized succession planning;
  8. Ensure clarity of expectations for individuals in the function and other stakeholders across the group;
  9. Facilitate functional integration;
  10. Ensure the development and establishment of appropriate behavior and values (culture) within the function that aligns with
  11. the strategic direction and values of the business;
  12. Co-ordinate between functions and divisions to ensure optimization of the value chain and resources;
  13. Ensure alignment of strategy, objectives and deliverables within the function;
  14. Develop innovative partnerships and distribution channels to increase Britam’s market penetration;
  15. Ensure a seamless experience for clients;
  16. Appropriately allocate funds and capital to maximize shareholder value;
  17. Adequately manage operational risk;
  18. Increase operational efficiency;
  19. Provide access to accurate and consistent information and services across all channels;
  20. Improve quality and speed of decision making across the business.


Technical/ Functional competencies
4. Selling skills;
5. Sales and marketing management skills;
6. Customer, market and competitor understanding;
7. Knowledge of insurance regulatory requirements; and
8. Knowledge of Britam products.

Essential Competencies;

1. Deciding and Initiating Action: Ensures key departmental objectives are met, takes responsibility for decisions, actions, projects and people while focussing on achievement of departmental results; takes initiative and works under own direction; initiates and generates activity; makes quick, clear decisions with limited information available which may include tough choices or considered risks; decisions and actions takes into account possible impact on all parts of the business.

2. Leading and Supervising: Provides the department with a clear direction based on the overall strategic intent of the organisation; motivates and empowers others with a clear sense of purpose; creates a positive departmental climate that fosters learning and development; acknowledge high potential talent; sets and articulates the vision and values through own personal behaviour.

3. Persuading and Influencing: Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating to the benefit of the department, promotes the organisational strategy during departmental conversations; makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others; promotes ideas on behalf of the department; makes a strong personal impact on others; takes care to manage the department’s impression and brand on others.

4. Formulating Strategies and Concepts: Works strategically to realise organisational goals within the department; sets and develops departmental strategies; identifies and develops positive and compelling visions of the department's future potential; takes account of a wide range of issues across, and related to, the organisation; encourage others to take a strategic and long term view in terms of the department's future; communicates the organisational strategy, vision and objectives effectively across all levels in the department.

5. Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking: Keeps up to date with competitor information and market trends; identifies business opportunities for the department; maintains awareness of developments, changes, trends and possible risks in the department's structure and politics; demonstrates financial awareness; ensure costs are monitored and controlled and thinks in terms of profit, loss and added value.

6. Planning and Organising: Sets clearly defined departmental objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; manages time effectively; monitors departmental performance against deadlines and milestones.



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