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Company:Penda Health
Category:Customer Service & Customer Support
Job Type:Permanent

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Role Description 

Penda’s Product is an outstanding patient experience from beginning to the end.  The Product team works to understand what makes up a great patient experience, and helps our Medical Centre’s to deliver that consistently. The Client Relations Assistant will directly report to the Client Relations Officer and work closely with Medical Centers to implement a great patient experience.

  • Help us know what a great Penda patient experience looks like!
  • Work with our outstanding MC teams at all of our branches.
  • Help us understand our patient’s needs and make them feel heard.


  • Proactively reach out to patients to measure the consistency of the patient experience across our branches.
  • Help colleagues understand our patients by regularly sharing feedback, whether through reports or just by sharing a fun story from a patient!
  • Receive, document and manage patient calls from our hotlines - use technology to be efficient and effective.
  • Make patients feel comfortable when giving your feedback – they should feel that they can give you their honest opinion, even when it is critical of Penda.
  • Be a great teammate. Support other departments when they need feedback from patients.
  • Support the Client Relations Officer in any other duties to enable the Product team meet their targets.

We’re an AGGRESIVELY growing company – get ready for anything! You will be expected to support the entire Penda Team on anything and everything to enable them work towards making our patient experience the “BEST” hence enabling us to achieve our Vision!

Who will be successful in this role?

  • You are super friendly, patient and empathetic. At Penda the patients feel like we are accommodating them and all their concerns are being heard at all times.
  • You are open and honest about everything, always! You are great at communicating clearly and often about your progress and about any changes you would like to make.
  • You are excellent at feedback and healthy conflict. At Penda we love giving and receiving feedback because we believe it helps us grow.


  • Ability to talk to patients and understand them very well.
  • Have a proven background in customer service; at least six (6) months -  one (1) year of customer service experience.
  • Very creative in publishing and writing content is a plus.
  • Highly organized – able to manage and document detailed feedback.
  • Strong computer skills with basic familiarity with excel.
  • Willingness to work extremely hard to accomplish your goals.

Working Hours: Available full time.

Benefits and Perks

  • Starting salary depends on experience and abilities. Ongoing salary is determined by performance and attitude.
  • Full medical cover for you and your whole family!

Application Process

  • Applications are due August 31st 2018
  • Apply online on the career section of our website
  • Candidates will be evaluated on a rolling basis (first to apply is first to be evaluated)


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