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Company:County Government of Meru
Job Type:Permanent
Salary:Ksh. Not Mentioned

Job details


i. Promote the integration of environment considering into development policies, plans, program, and projects within the respective sub counties.       ii. Undertake policy research and analysis to support the integration of environment and natural resources concerns into development plans within subcounty                                                                                                                                                                                                                              iii. Ensure rational utilization and management of environment and natural resources for sustainable development within the sub county                   iv. Coordinate the preparation of the environmental and natural resource reports within the sub county                                                                          v. Preparation of quality environmental and natural resource report within the sub county                                                                                              vi. Examine land use patters to determine their impact on the quality and quantity of natural resources within the sub county.                                    vii. Prepare ad issue the county environment action plan within the sub county.                                                                                                             viii. Undertake and coordinate research, investigations and surveys in environmental and natural resource within the county.                                     ix. Carry out monitoring and evaluation environmental issues within the sub county                                                                                                        x. Review the environmental impact assessment reports within the sub county                                                                                                               xi. Promote environmental public awareness and ensure that all the complaint is handled effectively and efficiently within the Sub County.              xii. Liaison with various stakeholders on environmental issues within the sub county xiii. Submit quarterly sub county environment reports to the chief officer environment wildlife and natural resources.

For more information, visit; http://meru.go.ke/library.php?com=3&com2=22&item=222


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Open County Government of Meru 10 months ago