TOR: Production of Information booklets on Refugee rights & responsibilities, Gender Based Violence services and Protection Referral Pathways for refugees in Dadaab.

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Company: DRC - Danish Refugee Council
Category:NGO, Community & Social Devt
Job Type:Contract
Salary:Ksh. NIL

Job details

Activity name: 3 sets of Information Brochures:  
Set 1 - Protection Referral Pathways and access to services in Ifo & Dagahaley camps 
Set 2 - Access to GBV Prevention & Response services in Dadaab’s Ifo and Dagahaley camps  
Set 3- Refugee Rights & responsibilities 
Activity  Duration: 30 days 
Activity Type: Information Booklets production (Design, Translation & Printing) 
Activity Purpose: To enable refugees to know their rights and responsibilities as well as the functional protection referral pathways in the camp and the GBV prevention and response services offered by DRC.
The Danish Refugee Council is an International Non-governmental Organization that promotes and supports durable solutions to the daily challenges faced by refugees and internally displaced people all over the world. DRC has been operating in Kenya since 2005, where we assist refugees and displacement-affected communities by implementing protection and livelihoods activities that increase their self-reliance and expand opportunities for a dignified life. DRC works in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, as well as in Nairobi and Mombasa to assist urban-based refugees. Danish Refugee Council (DRC) runs a comprehensive GBV prevention and response program in Dadaab’s Ifo 1, ifo 2 and Dagahaley refugee camps where GBV survivors and their dependents are provided with such services as case management, psychosocial support; provision of safe shelter at two protective spaces (protection area and safe haven) as well as activities ranging from protection monitoring, community-based prevention and awareness raising activities. 
Following the camp consolidation processes from early 2017, DRC through funding from the ECHO received funding to produce information booklets that would allow the refugees to have the information on what their rights and responsibilities are during the population changes, what the protection referral pathways following changes in service providers and what GBV protection services are offered by DRC. The consultancy will involve designing, translation and printing of the information booklets in the 3 sets. There will be elements of infographics.
The overall purpose of this consultancy is to produce information packages with information on Refugee rights and responsibilities during asylum, GBV Protection referral systems in Dagahaley & Ifo camps and GBV prevention and response services in Dadaab’s Ifo & Dagahaley camps. 
The consultant will be responsible for developing the design of a booklet for all 3 sets, translating the content into Somali, Kiswahili, Arabic & Amharic languages and printing the booklets as per DRC’s communication specifications.
Scope of consultancy 
DRC GBV unit in Dadaab would like to produce information booklets on Refugee rights & responsibilities, Protection referral pathways in Ifo & Dagahaley camps and GBV prevention and response services offered by DRC in the Ifo & Dagahaley. The selected consultant will be expected to produce these information booklets and thereafter submit the finished product.
Key tasks with list of ‘key activities’, under each responsibility. 
Consultant is expected to; 
  • Translate all sets into Somali, Arabic, Amharic & Kiswahili  
  • Design the information booklets using appropriate organizational colors.  
  • Print the information booklets 
  • Submit the final product to DRC.
The consultant selected for this assignment in consultation with DRC will do the following; 
  • Translate content for all sets as directed into Somali, Kiswahili, Arabic and Amharic languages without distorting the intended message. 
  • Design/Develop the infographic booklet using the content provided 
  • Print quality information booklets and submit for review before submitting final product
Key deliverables/outputs 
The consultant is expected; 
  • To review content and give feedback to content developer. 
  • To translate the content into all 4 languages (Somali , Kiswahili, Amharic & Arabic) 
  • To design the brochure according to DRC colors and communication specifications. 
  • To print the final product after reviews 
  • To submit the final product.
Table 1: Consultancy timeline 
Tasks Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 
  • Reviewing content & give feedback to content developers  - Week 1    
  • Translation of content to: Somali, Arabic, Kiswahili, Amharic language (Set 1,2,3)  - week 2
  • Designing the brochures   - week 3 
  • Reviews and feedback with DRC    - Week 4 
  • Printing final products & submission of deliverables    - week 4
  • DRC will provide support reviewing the content, provide comments on the design of the document and provide photo content for the design. 
  • All consultancy costs should be included in the technical/financial proposal. The consultant will be directly working with DRC Dadaab Protection Team leader. 
The consultant will report to the Team Leader - protection
The consultancy period shall be from 9th May – 4th May, 2018. The final product must be submitted to DRC within the stipulated consultancy period.
The consultant should have; 
  • Advanced education in Communication or related field,  
  • Knowledge of Somali, Kiswahili, Amharic & Arabic languages 
  • Experience developing communication products 
  • At least 5 years substantial professional experience in relevant positions related to communication 
  • Experience written and verbal communication.
Below are the terms and conditions; 
  • The Consultant will report to the DRC Protection Team Leader 
  • DRC will provide content review product developed.  
  • The consultant will be bound by the DRC code of ethics during the period. 
  • The consultant shall not incur any expenses on behalf of DRC other than those specified and agreed upon in the contract 
  • Payment will be done after submission of the final product
Commitments: DRC has a Humanitarian Accountability Framework, outlining its global accountability committments. All staff are required to contribute to the achievement of this framework (
Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an expression of interest including: 
  1. A suitability statement including a CV with details of qualifications and experience. 
  2. Technical proposal that summarizes understanding of the TOR, methodology and tools to be used. 
  3. Work-plan clearly indicating the activity schedule. 
  4. Financial proposal providing cost estimates and consultancy fees. 
  5. Contacts of three organizations that have recently contracted you to carry out similar assignment.
Interested parties should forward the expression of interest, in English on this link under vacancies no later than 10th May, 2018
If you have questions or are facing problems with the online application process, please contact [email protected] 

 Click here to apply;

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