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Icipe’s communications

This role is a chance to help shape the communications agenda of an international organization. In collaboration with the management team, the successful candidate will design and implement a Centre-wide communications strategy, boosting the visibility of the Centre to its international donors, and sharing the results of its research widely.

A communications team of full-time staff and consultants supports this role. Several communications officers and social scientists across the organization support the aims of the Communications Unit. Various writers, photographers and filmmakers familiar with icipe’s work are available to support specific projects.

Icipe’s communication outputs include a website, newsletters, corporate reports, training and dissemination materials, internal bulletins, social media posts, and the International Journal of Tropical Insect Science.

Key responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and coordination for all communication activities of the Centre, to enhance icipe’s visibility and credibility as a center of excellence, by: (i) supporting the development and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy (as well as coaching research and support staff on the implementation of the communications strategy), and (ii) raising the profile of icipe’s corporate brand, programmes, projects and individual researchers.
  • Strengthen and diversify icipe’s communications products, by reviewing the adequacy of icipe’s current communication materials and recommending improvements.
  • Oversee the design and production of icipe’s publications (including press releases, corporate reports, brochures, training materials, newsletters, social media posts, and website).
  • Provide communication/information advice and assistance to icipe teams, helping them to meet their visibility obligations to donors and partners, either by doing the work required or by contracting the work to consultants.
  • Share icipe’s work in local and international media, by meeting our obligations to donors, collaborating with partners and stakeholders, and bringing the results of our research to those who might benefit from it.
  • Ensure effective and appealing internal communication on icipe business, relevant topics, strategies and management decisions (through internal bulletins, intranet and meetings, and organizing workshops, seminars, exhibitions and employee functions in liaison with the management team).
  • Ensure that employees know and respect crisis communication preparedness and communication procedures.
  • Establish and manage an annual budget for communication functions in a responsible and cost effective manner.
  • Be accountable for all local and international communication activities of the Centre, including advocacy and liaison activities with organizations that share similar interests.

Knowledge and skills required for performing the job

  • Knowledge of media advertising and publishing is essential.
  • Highly proficient in both spoken and written English. Knowledge of oral and written French is an added advantage.
  • Computer proficiency particularly in MS Office Suite, and familiarity with desktop publishing and spreadsheet software is essential.
  • Familiarity with Apple Macintosh computers is an added advantage.

Minimum qualifications required

  • Degree in journalism, communications, or related specification is essential.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are mandatory.

Minimum experience required

  • 5 years of related professional experience in positions of responsibility in an international organization or a commercial organization with international scope.
  • Experience in journalism/media relations.
  • Proven track record in leadership, leading to capabilities in driving and developing a communications team.
  • Ability to think strategically, and to develop and execute strategic communication planning (as well as the corresponding messages and communication activities).

Other desirable attributes

  • Strong in relationship building with journalists and other relevant external and internal stakeholder groups.
  • High degree of organization, adaptability and prioritization, and documentation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and well within teams.


This position reports to the Director General.

For more information, visit; http://recruit.icipe.org/description_of_assignment/displayRecord?id=85

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