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Company:Cytonn Investments
Category:Library Service
Job Type:Permanent
Salary:Ksh. Not mentioned

Job details

Reporting to the Head of Academic Affairs, the Librarian will be in charge of overseeing the general administration of the library.



  1. Ensure that library users follow the rules and regulations of the library;
  2. Facilitate user education for first time users of the library;
  3. Maintain an up to date database of all library resources and users;
  4. Ensure that resource collection records are properly maintained;
  5. Ensure the proper maintenance on all library resources, furniture and equipment;
  6. Ensure that all library information is classified, catalogued and indexed, using the library of congress on-line library classification system;
  7. Organize library information materials, provide assistance to library users and help them locate and use information references;
  8. Ensure circulation of books in the library and also accessioning, filing, spine marking and shelving of books and other informational material;
  9. Provide recommendations to help library users access useful materials, help them to use computers and remote databases, and the internet to locate information;
  10. Provide guidance and recommendation to the management on the books and resources required by lecturers and students, their costs and liaise with the procurement department on the purchase of the same;
  11. Work with book binders to bind books that need repairs, newspapers and any other information materials that need binding;
  12. Provide recommendations to the management on ways that the library can improve its service delivery and efficiency;
  13. Any other duties that may be allocated to you by your supervisors from time to time.


  1. Must have attained a minimum KCSE grade of C+ and be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Studies;
  2. Have experience in a distinguished tertiary college and career experience of not less than 2 years, preferably as a Librarian or assistant Librarian;
  3. Demonstrate a good understanding of the Ministry of Education’s and TVETA’s college guiding policy;
  4. Have experience in using a college library management system;
  5. Should have outstanding supervisory, interviewing, problem analysis and listening skills;
  6. Should demonstrate the ability to grow, support and develop young talents;
  7. Should have knowledge of current academics and curriculum areas relevant to technical institutions;
  8. Strong computer skills, including high level of proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word;
  9. Ability to probe for, analyze and synthesize information, as well as express ideas clearly, both verbally and in writing;
  10. Ability to make quick yet sound decisions;
  11. Ability to work independently, problem-solve, and be persistent;
  12. Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, self-driven attitude towards work, and commitment to the mission of the institutions;

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Library Service Cytonn Investments 1 year ago