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Objectives and Scope of Work


Building on available learning materials and approaches, the objective of this assignment is to develop and deliver an ESAR Orientation Course on PF4C to enhance staff understanding, knowledge and expertise on public financial management (PFM) issues as they relate to investments in children, including to:

  • Strengthen the “budget literacy” of participants (knowledge of basic PFM literature, a conceptual framework for PF4C, budget and PFM reform processes in ESAR, etc.);
  • Improve their ability to develop and apply appropriate PF4C tools, including budget briefs, Public Expenditure Reviews (PERs), Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS), value for money analyses, fiscal space analyses, etc.;
  • Improve their skills to engage in strategic policy dialogue on PF4C and effectively advocate for more transparent, effective and adquate investments in children; and
  • Develop, with expert guidance, a draft PF4C strategy for their area of work, including a concrete one-year work plan.

Rather than being passive recipients of knowledge, the training is expected to encourage participants to brainstorm and identify key PFM bottlenecks and responses in order to move the PF4C agenda forward in their countries and the region. 

Scope of Work

Under the supervision of the Social Policy Specialist (public finance), the contractor’s key responsibilities are to:

  1. Review existing literature on PFM reforms and PF4C practices in ESAR to understand the budget and public finance context and bottlenecks as well as major social and economic challenges faced by children in the region.
  2. Review UNICEF’s Strategic Plan 2018-21, UNICEF’s work on PF4C in ESAR, and regional and global learning programmes on PF4C, as well as conduct key informant interviews as required, to identify PF4C knowledge and skills requirements, gaps and solutions.
  3. Participate in preparatory meetings by Skype with key UNICEF colleagues in the region already working on PF4C to discuss how training modules can be adapted to the ESAR context.
  4. Design a 4-day training programme on PF4C (see Box 1 below for proposed content).
  5. Prepare, organize and conduct a 4-day course for UNICEF staff working in ESARO and COs in the region (maximum of 40 participants). The training should balance lectures, discussions, individual work, group activities, etc. and provide ample opportunity for case studies and practical exercises.
  6. Produce a workshop report (4-5 pages) that contains a concise analysis of the workshop evaluations as well recommendations on strategic options for UNICEF to further enhance its capacity and strategic positioning on PF4C in ESAR
  1. Box 1. Proposed learning content

The training is expected to cover the following topics and include practical examples and case studies (the contractor is expected to offer suggestions regarding the proposed content and structure as part of the application process):

Module I. Introduction

This module will create a common understanding of the training’s objectives and introduce basic PF4C concepts to participants. The content could include the following:

    • Welcome and training objectives.
    • Brainstorming the reasons for: (a) limited transparency around investments in children; (b) ineffective and inequitable financing of and spending on basic social services, and (c) challenges and opportunities for UNICEF ESAR COs to change this situation.
    • Describing UNICEF’s work on PF4C, including the recent evolution, and initial thoughts on how this can contribute to changing this dynamic.
    • Presenting an overview of the macro-fiscal situation in ESAR and basic features of AAAA (FFD) and child-relevant SDGs. 

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