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Job details

Scope of Work

  • Goal and Objective

Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Education and technical guidance of programme officers the Consultant will be required to carry out a situation analysis of youths and adolescents’ employability status in Kenya, determine whether the current curriculum meet youths’ employability needs and identify how the private sector may help in changing the employability status of youths, especially girls from ASALs and marginalized regions. The consultant need to review and assess the available evidence and expertise generated within UNICEF, the strategy needs to be supported by solid evidence and experiences from the various organization working in the region and to collaborate the good practices and lessons learned in the area of learning and employability for adolescents. Identify supportive factors and bottlenecks to the realization of the results and make financial recommendations for implementing the strategies in the upcoming country programme regarding adolescent education from 2018-2022.

  • Activities and Tasks:  
  1. Conduct a situation analysis of adolescents and youths’ employability status in Kenya: a desk or literature review on adolescents and youths’ employability with gender lenses.
  2. Review the literature and evidence on the existing models and approaches for supporting adolescents’ learning and employability;
  3. Review the current curriculum, determine whether it is relevant to the current job requirement and identify areas to enhance learning and employability and mitigate gaps.
  4. Review MOE and ministry of youths’ policies to identify how they support and reflect on adolescents and youths’ employability.
  5. Based on the review of relevant literatures and programmes of other organizations, identify and meet the relevant stakeholders to discuss the future area of intervention and to identify potential area of expertise and collaboration; Interview relevant ministry personnel and partners working with adolescents and youths’ employability.
  6. Review and identify private sector opportunities and demonstrate how they can influence adolescents and youths’ employability in collaboration with the government.
  7. Write the strategy concept note in line with UNICEF guidelines (coherence, effectiveness, relevance, equity and gender equality) on adolescents’ learning and employability along with financial estimate;
  8. Based on the evidence and need develop a prioritization list of interventions to achieve quick gains in short term and results in long term;
  9. Address feedback comments received from government and UNICEF colleagues, and finalize the strategy note accordingly.
  • Work relationships: 
  1. The consultant need to work closely with UNICEF field and country office education team as well as collaborate with the private sector, partners, MOE and ministry of youths and county level Ministry of education and youths’ teams.
  2. Timeframe: The assignment is expected to take about 60 working days.
  3. Duty Station: While the duty station is Nairobi, the consultant will be expected to travel to counties as needed. Travel costs to be included in the overall financial proposal.
  • Expected Outputs:  

The following outputs shall be expected of the consultant. All outputs shall be reviewed internally and by external partners for quality before they are accepted for processing of payments.

  1. Inception report: The consultant will prepare an inception report summarising his/her understanding of the scope of the work. This is to ensure a shared understanding of the purpose and direction of the task in hand among the key stakeholders.
  1. Final Strategy note: The consultant will prepare a strategy note cognisant of the ToR and other agreed requirements like situation analysis, identifying the problem, theory of change, solid evidence, lessons learned, supportive factors and bottlenecks and resources required for the realization of the results. Prioritizing the interventions to achieve result. The report will be submitted to for review to ensure that it meets the UNICEF standards, and recommendations are realistic, evidence-based and practical. The consultant shall also prepare a power point presentations of the strategy note.
  1. Others: The consultant will also develop a brief 4-pager of the key findings, problems, and theory of change in improving adolescents learning and employability at UNICEF KCO. 

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