Job Closed!
Company:Nairobi City County
Job Type:Permanent
Salary:Ksh. Salary Scale: Kshs 14,490.00 to Kshs 16,250.00

Job details

Job Description

i. Driving a motor vehicle as authorized

ii. Carry out routine checks on the vehicle’s cooling, oil, electrical and brake system, tyre pressure, etc

iii. Detecting and reporting malfunctioning of vehicle systems;

iv. Maintenance of work ticket for vehicle assigned

v. Ensuring security and safety for the vehicle on and off the road, safety of passengers and/or goods therein; and maintaining cleanliness of the vehicle.

Job Qualifications

     i. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;

    ii. A valid driving license free from any current endorsement(s) for class(es) of vehicles(s) an officer is required to drive;

    iii.   Passed Occupational Trade Test III for Drivers;

    iv.   Defensive Driving Certificate from the Automobile Association(AA) of Kenya or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;

    v.  Attended a First-Aid Certificate Course lasting not less than one (1)week

   vi.  A valid certificate of Good Conduct from Kenya police; and

   vii.   show merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results

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