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Job Type:Permanent
Salary:Ksh. Not mentioned

Job details

  • Requirements for Appointment
  1. KCSE minimum mean grade D (plain) or its equivalent;
  2. Current driving license free from current endorsements and valid for all the classes of vehicles, which the candidate is required to drive;
  3. Must have passed Occupational Test Grade III for Drivers with at least four (4) years previous satisfactory driving experience after obtaining the driving license;
  4. Accident-free record within the last four (4) years;
  5. First-Aid Certificate Course lasting not less than one (1) week at St. John Ambulance or Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT) or any other recognized institution; and
  6. Valid Certificate of Good Conduct from Kenya Police Service.


  • Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Carry out routine checks on the vehicles cooling and oiling systems, electrical system, tyre pressure and brakes
  2. Detect and report malfunctioning of vehicle systems and take good care of the fuel card
  3. Maintain the work tickets for vehicles assigned and drive the vehicle as authorized;
  4. Take initiative for security and safety for the vehicle on and off the road and safety of the passengers and/or goods therein
  5. Routine driving duties, detect and report any malfunctions of the vehicle systems;
  6. Keep and process motor vehicle documents and maintenance;

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