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  • Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance to the implementing agencies and provide support services for environmental and social safeguards issues. The

Consultant will be expected to ensure that all K-OSAP documents mainstream environmental and social safeguards issues so that the project does not detrimentally influence the environment and social well-being of populations.

The K-OSAP project has triggered the following Environmental and Social Safeguard policies of the World Bank: (a) Safeguard OP 4.01, Environmental Assessment; (b) OP

4.10, Indigenous People, (c) OP 4.04 Natural Habitats, and (d) OP 4.12, Involuntary

Resettlement. Additionally, it has triggered relevant laws and regulations of the

Government of Kenya concerning Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups (VMGs).


  • Scope of the Assignment:

Provide guidance and assistance in environmental and social safeguard issues to support the K-OSAP project and ensure compliance with relevant environmental and social safeguards policies of the Government of Kenya and the World Bank; and more specifically:

  1. Familiarization with each of the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies that have been triggered for the project
  2. Reviewing ESMF/ESMP/ESIAs/RPF/ VMGF and other environmental and social safeguards project documents to ensure project implementation is in compliance with the provision of these instruments and with the requirements of the social and environmental safeguards policies of the World Bank that have been triggered for this project, and the requirements of the relevant laws of the Government of Kenya;
  3. Ensuring the RAPs and VMGPs are prepared (as necessary) in accordance with the provisions of the RPF and VMGF respectively;
  4. Overseeing the preparation of an accessible and consulted upon Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) for the project
  5. Supervision and monitoring of the implementation of environmental and social instruments (ESMP, ESIA, RAP, VMGP in accordance with the respective guidelines and policies;
  6. Supporting implementing agencies in the review of documentation pertaining to environmental and social compliance (including technical specifications, review of on-site reports from contractors etc.) during project implementation;
  7. Contribute to project progress reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental and social requirements of the project;
  8. Coordinating and facilitating the work of consultants engaged to carry out environmental and social impact assessments and resettlement planning and monitoring of safeguards instruments implementation;
  9. Preparing training materials, and conducting technical training workshops to PCU, Project Implementing Teams (PITs) and community committees on environmental and social safeguards requirements;
  10. Responsible for:
  1. Developing a stakeholder engagement and communication strategy;
  2. Stakeholder engagement and communication plan; and,
  3. Overseeing the implementation thereof with the local community, County and National Government Officials as well as the PITs;
  1. Responsible for all the messaging going out to the Project Affected Person’s (PAPs), including their rights and entitlements, and thus oversees the communication teams;
  2. From time to time, review the proposed grievance redress mechanism, and support the forming of the grievance committees, and communication of the grievance mechanism to all the stakeholders, and other relevant procedures as per guidance in the RAP, etc.;
  3. Undertake inventory of project sites committees and suggest mechanism that will ensure that K-OSAP site project committees provide for constitution of the committees in an all-inclusive manner (including mainstreaming gender issues with the creation of separate committees for women, if men and women will not meet together);
  4. Serve as the project gender focal point. Incorporate the findings of the gender analysis into the K-OSAP programming and action planning. Advice on how the programme activities can be more gender sensitive to meet the priorities of both men and women beneficiaries in K-OSAP project area;
  5. Ensure that up-to-date and accurate resettlement program statistics, resettlement reports and needs assessments are submitted to PCU as required;
  6. Assess any significant resettlement or social issues, and if required, draw on KOSAP policy and best practices to provide advice on a corrective action plan;
  7. Ensure that all the decisions made by the PCU are gender informed and socially sustainable.
  8. Preparation of Environment and Social Monitoring and Evaluation reports; and, Perform tasks and responsibilities related to the social issues including Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by project workers (including the contractors and implementing agency staff), HIV/AIDs program at construction sites, dealing with issues related to labour influx (people coming into the project area for project related work), etc., and any others as requested by the Project coordinator from time to time.
  9. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Project Coordinator


  • The Social Safeguard Specialist will be required to submit reports as follows:
  1. One copy of monthly progress reports highlighting both challenges and achievements;
  2. One copy of quarterly progress on activities undertaken and solutions to challenges;
  3. One copy of annual progress reports; and
  4. One copy of project completion report after the completion of the Project.


  • Qualifications and Experience Requirements:
  1. Master’s degree in Environmental or relevant Social sciences.
  2. At least 10 years of relevant work experience in environmental and social issues; experience in development projects is an added advantage.
  3. At least 5 years’ experience in the World Bank’s social and environmental safeguard policies
  4. Direct knowledge of (and experience working with) Kenyan social, land and resettlement laws and regulations.
  5. Experience with community development, gender mainstreaming issues, VMG’s and participatory approaches are an added advantage.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  7. A proficient working knowledge of Microsoft Word and other relevant software is essential.
  8. Fluency in English is essential and fluency in Swahili will be an added advantage.

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