Senior Forensic Investigator- Electronic Fraud

Job Closed!
Company:National Bank

Job details

Key Responsibilities:


·         Conduct small, simple and complex fraud examinations touching on digital media to identify and document relevant findings


·         Investigate cases of fraud perpetrated through electronic channels or devices and produce reports using defined forensic policy, practices, and procedures


·         Should be able to acquire, collect, document, and preserve evidence from various forms of electronic media and equipment in accordance with bank’s policy, and the law

·         Testify in examination process, chain of custody and findings


·         Work closely with business by identifying risks in products that use digital platforms and offer relevant advice as may be required

·         Assist in conducting fraud analysis and MIS

·         Identify forensic requirements, research, test, analyze, and recommend solutions for management approval


·         Conduct fraud risk assessment on IT infrastructure and applications and recommend requisite corrective action.


·         Recover and examine data from computers and other electronic storage devices in order to detect any fraudulent activities and preserve the evidence for use during , internal disciplinary process and or criminal prosecutions


·         Write up technical reports detailing how the computer evidence was discovered and all the steps taken during the retrieval process


·         Must keep apprised with the new methodologies and forensic technology, and be able to train colleagues and staff on proper procedures with regard to computer evidence.


·         Assist with the seizure of computer-related evidence, preparation of search warrants, and the preparation of investigative information for court and or disciplinary purposes



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