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Company:United States Agency for International Development Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
Job Type:Contract
Salary:Ksh. GS-15 Equivalent: $105,123 - $136,659

Job details

Dear Prospective Applicants:

The United States Government (USG), represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), is seeking applications from qualified U.S. citizens to provide personal services as a Senior Regional Advisor (SRA) under a United States Personal Services Contract (USPSC), as described in the attached solicitation. 


The SRA will be responsible for a complex portfolio—requiring oversight of multiple, concurrent humanitarian crises throughout the disaster cycle. The SRA will manage a team of field-based staff responsible for the monitoring and assessment of humanitarian needs in the region of responsibility and developing, implementing, and monitoring humanitarian response and DRR efforts. The SRA will serve as the lead humanitarian advisor in the field and ensure OFDA field-base perspectives are incorporated into OFDA’s internal and external policy efforts and office-wide initiatives. Up to 75% travel throughout the assigned region and to headquarters will be expected.

The SRA’s responsibilities will include the following:

Contextual Specialty

· Serve as an authoritative expert on humanitarian issues, priorities, lessons learned, and opportunities in the region of responsibility;

· Use extensive experience and knowledge base to guide OFDA's Regional Advisors in analyzing and determining the scale and scope of a wide-range of challenges when complete information is not available and provide support to continued efforts to establish creative solutions;

· Provide expert guidance on political, humanitarian, organizational, structural and stakeholder interests’ specific to the region of responsibility;

· Prepare or supervise the preparation of, regular strategic and analytical reports on current or anticipated emergencies, as well as comprehensive preparedness documentation on assigned countries.

Portfolio Management

· Lead/conduct/oversee initial assessments to identify humanitarian needs and/or DRR opportunities in current disaster sites or locations with high vulnerability;

· Ensure ongoing humanitarian response and DRR activities are monitored to validate that objectives are met and beneficiaries are served;

· Lead the development of country, issue, or disaster specific strategies across the region of responsibility, as well as timely revision of these strategies as contextual realties shift;

· Make authoritative recommendations on difficult resource and programmatic trade-offs within the region and provide expert advice to inform global prioritization;

· Ensure interventions within the region of responsibility align with appropriate strategies;

· Serve a primary role in the management of the approved annual budget for the region to include timely identification of the need for additional resources or the availability of surplus.


· Serve as the DCHA/OFDA lead representative and the primary point of contact on humanitarian issues in the area of responsibility;

· Serve as an expert advisor on humanitarian and DRR issues to senior USG personnel in the region to include Ambassadors, Mission Directors, and other heads of agencies;

· Develop and maintain relationships with representatives of host government, emergency/humanitarian donor governments (DFID, ECHO, etc.), international emergency and humanitarian organizations (UNOCHA, ICRC, IOM, etc.) emergency/humanitarian divisions of NGOs, U.S. embassies and USAID missions to ensure efficient and coordinated humanitarian response and DRR activities;

· Represent USAID in joint efforts to design, develop, and implement humanitarian strategies and intervention with local governments, donor, partner, and UN organizations, as appropriate;

· Advise regional officials, including host country authorities and other USAID officials on disaster response, mitigation and risk reduction efforts, including the review of sector disaster response and disaster risk mitigation and DRR plans;

· Work with local and regional institutions and private/public sector organizations to incorporate DRR into appropriate programs.


· Manage and prioritize daily activities of OFDA’s regional office and all related sub-regional and program offices;

· Supervise emergency/humanitarian staff within the region to include provision of technical guidance and oversight, administrative approvals, and staff development and evaluation;

· Provide current and future strategic direction to the regional office to include programmatic, liaison and representational prioritization, and human and financial resource requirements;

· Participate in a leadership role in office-wide policy initiatives to ensure field perspectives are well-represented;

· Serve as an early adopter of change through constructive engagement in policy, process, and management issues during development and implementation.

General Duties

· Serve in a leadership role on DARTs and/or RMTs within and outside the region;

· Ensure timely reporting of OFDA’s activities the region through written cables, analyses, strategies, and other requests for written information and/or oral briefings;

· As needed, may serve on temporary details within the office to meet operational needs during staff shortages, not to exceed six months. Duties performed while on detail will be aligned with the Team’s existing duties and responsibilities as well as directly related to the scope of work provided.

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