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Company:Kenya Climate Innovation Centre
Job Type:Permanent
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Job Summary:
The KCIC 'Sustainability Initiative Officer' supports achievement of the objectives set out in the KCIC Sustainability Initiative. The role supports the delivery of key sustainability strategies, projects and programs while contributing to the development of new initiatives. Under the direction of the Clients Services Director, the jobholder is responsible for developing, planning, and managing programs and developing policies that will revolve around awareness creation, building and supporting networks and communities of practice, supervision of consultants and support for capacity building efforts, overseeing research, convening the initiative’s think tank and management of short-to-long term sustainability projects from time to time.
The role will require a candidate who has a strong ability to develop key relationships to assist in assessing sustainability challenges and opportunities for action across diverse sectors and project portfolios. This role will focus on supporting the successful implementation of KCIC's sustainability strategy pillars while providing transformational leadership in achieving key organizational goals through leading and building a high performing sustainability team. Success in this position is dependent on relevant technical expertise, strong project management and communication skills and ability to prepare and present technical reports. The ideal candidate will be able to negotiate, influence and consult with a wide range of stakeholders on various sustainability strategies and interventions.
Core Duties and Responsibilities:
* Develops long and short-term strategic plans, recommending policy and organizational changes needed to advance sustainability initiatives;
* Forms trusted and effective relationships and partnerships, and the manages such partnerships in a way that leads to mutual benefit in the implementation of sustainability programs and projects;
* Coordinate sustainability outreach programs - including but not limited to speakers, events, workshops, etc.;
* Tracks relevant information and available resources, staying up to date with the rapidly changing field through publications, memberships, electronic services as well as formal and informal networks;
* Oversees implementation of current internal sustainability programs such as, the KCIC Sustainability Policy;
* Develop reports or presentations to communicate the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives;
* Markets and promotes KCIC sustainability initiative’s efforts through communication platforms including: website content, newsletter development, brochures, social media, and other promotional materials and/or publications;
* Design and produce visually engaging materials for effective message communication in print, online, posters, marketing, etc.;
* Take lead on the process of policy making and government relationship with relevant government offices that have impacts to the sustainability initiative;
* Assesses & develop strategy to influence policy and produce relevant policy papers that have impacts on sustainability;
* Develops and implements external relation strategies to profile KCIC and the sustainability initiative to secure funding and enable policy development to support development and growth of initiative;
* Educate businesses and national/local government on the important role of sustainability principles and practices relevant to their business. Influence businesses to adopt the relevant sustainability principles and practices to their business operations in relation to SDGs and Paris Climate Accord;
* Manages the implementation and monitors progress of projects that improve the organization’s impact on Kenya’s sustainability agenda, with the intent to enhance environmental integrity, social equity and economic prosperity;
* Provides input to the Initiative’s sustainability vision and strategy based on current practices, technology and policy; provides guidance on best and next practice for projects in sustainability awareness creation and other sectors;
* Assess or propose sustainability initiatives, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and acceptance;
* Actively identifies and cultivates untapped opportunities to improve the programs within the sustainability initiative, through personal motivation to develop and enhance sustainable practices;
* Identify or procure needed resources to implement sustainability programs or projects;
* Create or maintain plans or other documents related to sustainability projects;
* Provide technical or administrative support for sustainability programs or issues;
* Researches best practices of sustainability;
* Suggests and implements management solutions to address new or on-going sustainability challenges within the organization and beyond;
* Serves as the initiative’s representative at conferences and meetings;
* Performs related duties and fulfils responsibilities as required;
Requirements, Knowledge and Experience:
* Master’s Degree or equivalent in Sustainability, Environmental Science, Development Studies, Social Sciences, Policy or Planning or related field.
* Five years of experience in project management especially donor funded projects or related experience within the specialty of the degree.
* Demonstrated dedication to sustainable practice, function, and lifestyle.
* Strong organizational, observational, research, and data collection skills.
* Knowledge of Sustainability theories, business practices, and local, national and global initiatives.
* Experience and skills at managing process projects, and cross-functional teams, and in facilitating group processes and meetings, as well as in change management.
* Highly motivated and self-directed, comfortable working both independently and as part of a team, willing and able to assume a high level of responsibility for a project from start to finish, show initiative to seize and develop new opportunities, and persistence with organizational change.
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrating tact and diplomacy to consistently interact effectively and flexibly with diverse groups of people including executive management, donors, government representatives, clients and the public is essential.
* Ability to work autonomously with a high degree of creativity and leadership skills.
* Ability to manage multiple projects at once by demonstrating effective resource and project planning, decision making, organizational skills and results delivery.
* Knowledge of the principles and practices of public/government organizations;
* Ability to prepare and present professional, comprehensive written and oral reports and recommendations.
* Ability to analyze and interpret and present data.
* Experience in multi-project management and reporting experience and preparation of reports for diverse audiences.
* Expertise in reporting frameworks including EU, UKAid and USAID.
* Experience in report writing and development of annual reports and impact, editing, development of info graphics and supporting top level management in making sharp and impactful presentations for conferences and high level events.
Other competencies/skills:
* Demonstrated skills in project planning implementation and budgeting.
* Professionally interact with internal and external stakeholders, whilst building key relationships that will assist in positive outcomes.

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