Changing careers? Consider this

Career fairs are useful venues for acquiring knowledge besides establishing networks.

There comes a time when you decide to change professions for one reason or the other.

 This may happen as a result of frustration in your current employment for purposes of satisfaction and growth.

When this happens, it must be not career suicide. A hasty decision may cost you miles covered in your professional journey as you start from scratch.

Some of the reasons for a career change are fleeing stress, flexibility, the pursuit of better pay, diversification of experience and the desire to be appreciated.

As one intends to shift in career, they may consider steps such as:

Making a personal journal

There may be a pattern of recurring themes at the workplace that may trigger an interest to change a career. At this point, one has to evaluate the level of satisfaction he or she experiences at the job. A good job switch should align with your values, skills and interests.

Change of industry

A pressing reason may warrant a decision to quit the current occupation. One can seek a new opportunity at the same company or a totally different career elsewhere. For example, a sales manager at a television station may abandon her role and embrace the same role at a construction company.

Research on potential job matches

In a wide job market, professionals should be able to identify specific areas of interest. You can conduct informational interviews with people in the field of interest. It can be oral or via calls or texts in case they are far away.

Creating an action plan

A professional should set a clear goal on specific career choices. This involves seeking certification and education, attending networking events and seizing opportunities.

Rebrand yourself

Resumes, cover letters and social platforms are formal documents that show professional history. As you interact with potential employers and contacts, you can always exchange business cards to create professional relationships for future opportunities.

Use networks

Use emails, frequent texts and calls to speak to professionals and keep you updated on opportunities. You can access company social platforms to get updates via company website portals and social media pages.


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