Company Profile

Zuidier is a construction and home improvement company that seeks to bridge the gap between developers and suppliers of interior finishing materials. We operate across the entire value chain from procurement planning, execution to delivery of the materials on site. We have strong partnerships with various manufacturers, consultants, and contractors to ensure that we give the best solutions for our clients.

Position: Quantity Surveyor Intern

We are seeking a skilled, reliable, efficient quantity surveyor intern to join our growing organization. In this position, you will estimate the costs of construction projects, working with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, builders, and architects to provide the most cost-effective plans that meet high-quality standards. You must have strong organizational and communication skills in order to manage and direct construction development products.

Duties and Responsibilities     

  • Identify key suppliers of various construction materials and reach out for relationships.
  • Estimate quantities and costs of construction materials
  • Prepare contracts and documents
  • Set budgets for payments, inventory needs, and materials
  • Analyze costs for maintenance and additional building needs
  • Negotiate with contractors and subcontractors
  • Keep track of construction materials and inventory
  • Identify potential financial or construction risks
  • Advise clients on improvements, strategies, and/or estimated costs
  • Analyze completed projects to determine ROI and compare costs

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