Job context

The Regional Financial Manager (RFM) falls under the Hivos East Africa Regional Director & the Global Head of Finance & ICT. The Finance Manager operates as part of Global Finance & ICT Team, and with oversight of a team of 9 finance staff in the Region.

Your experience
  • Relevant academic level of working and thinking.
  • Relevant work experience : above 8 years.
  • Work experience in complex financial environments.
  • Expertise in accounting; business economics; ERP/MIS systems.
  • Work experience in an international environment.
Your core competencies
  • Accountability
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Accuracy
  • Cooperation
  • Influence
  • Leadership Job skills
  • Customer orientation
  • Change Management
  • Team player
  • Team leader
Responsibilities Your responsibilities

The RFM coordinates the finance team (including the financial staff at the hub) and functionally coaches the Financial Officers in finance processes the primary process insofar as their work relates to the corporate accounts and project finance.

The RFM serves as the functional manager (“dotted line”) of the Finance Managers& Officers in the regional Hub. For project finance staff, there is a dual line of reporting, where these project Finance Managers & Finance officers report to the Program Managers, but are also accountable for following instructions, timelines & accounting rules from the Global Office. These staff consequently report directly back to the Finance Manager and therefore indirectly to the Global Finance Department.

Your expected results

Financial management

  • Prepares corporate budgets by following established schedules and collecting, analyzing and consolidating financial data;
  • Achieves corporate budget objectives by scheduling expenditures; limits risks and initiates corrective actions.

Quality improvement

Optimizes processes and prepares policies such that:

  • Structural problems and bottlenecks in the financial accounting system are identified, analyzed and evaluated;
  • Proposals for solutions lead to improved financial registration processes and contribute to the realization of the financial policy.

Financial reporting

  • Delivery of internal and external financial reporting requirements in line with instructions, timelines and accounting rules from the Global Office.


Ensures proper coordination at the finance department and with the financial registration processes of other departments such that:

  • The work of the finance department and that other financial accounting staff is coordinated and leads to optimized financial business processes;
  • As a (regional) coordinator s/he/they understands procedures, guidelines and working arrangements;
  • With consultation of the head of Finance & ICT, new/ improved working methods and procedural changes are implemented in the day-to-day performance of the work.


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