Country Campaigner

Recruiter / Employer: Amnesty International
Contract: Contract / Casual
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

Duration: 18 months

Working Hours: 35

Salary: $61,844


In line with the new Amnesty International Strategic Plan, our campaigner for East Africa will tackle human rights issues such as freedom of expression, association and assembly, gender justice, right to health, right to housing among others and will do this using an intersectional approach.  As a Campaigner, you can expect to have a direct impact on these key areas, as well as on our overarching regional campaigning and research strategies. Focusing mainly on Tanzania and Uganda, you will develop effective strategic campaigning plans, deploy digital campaigning tools and work with both Amnesty International colleagues and external partners to deliver them. You will also create clear and compelling campaigning materials for a range of audiences, writing reports and public statements, making videos and web features, and raising awareness and mobilizing our members to effect human rights change. You will constantly look for ways to improve your work too, researching effective campaigning methods, monitoring impact and staying up to date with the latest human rights developments.


To develop and implement campaigning strategies in the region, managing and coordinating actions on human rights concerns by using and developing knowledge on specific countries or other geographical and thematic areas and supporting and liaising with Amnesty International (AI) movement and outside networks to ensure maximum impact.


An enthusiastic, and strategic campaigner with substantial experience developing and implementing campaigns at national and regional level. You will have very good knowledge of human rights and the political context in East Africa with specific knowledge of Tanzania and Uganda.  You will be comfortable working on the key thematic areas as outlined above and be able to apply an intersectional lens in developing campaign strategies to ensure campaigns are nuanced and resonating with different groups of people. You will use innovative and creative campaigning, including digital tools and communication techniques to inspire online and offline activism, collaborate with partners and appeal to new audiences across the region. Knowledge of and experience working with African Union institutions, sub-regional and national authorities is also essential. Further, you’ll have a network of civil society and government contacts and the clout to represent Amnesty International to audiences ranging from civil society groups, media and governments to our global membership. Excellent oral and written communication skills, are vital too so you can generate campaign materials that connect with a range of target audiences as well as inspire those you work with. Knowledge of other regional languages such as Swahili is highly desirable. You’ll be a real team player relishing close collaboration with our researchers, colleagues and partners.


  • To contribute to the development of overarching research and campaigning strategies to deliver impact, and to lead on the development and implementation of specific campaigning strategies to support them, managing and coordinating actions on human rights concerns in East Africa (Tanzania and Uganda) aimed at effecting change in the human rights situation.
  • To identify and deploy innovative strategies of collecting and using real-time, credible data to develop and implement compelling influencing strategies within East Africa
  • To ensure consistent communications and engagement with AI sections and structures, including AI Kenya, to leverage AI’s membership for human rights impact in East Africa
  • To represent AI externally as instructed, develop and strengthen networks and alliances to advance challenging and sensitive human rights concerns
  • To write or otherwise devise campaigning and other materials for external and internal use, such as reports, annual report entries, public statements, web features, audio-visual materials and government correspondence
  • To research the most effective ways to campaign on human rights concerns and monitor and evaluate e campaigning strategies and plans
  • To monitor and analyze political and human rights developments and conduct research as appropriate into human rights contexts and individual cases, including by participating in field research and through contact with partners on the ground


  • Experience of strategic campaigning, including knowledge of the steps required to devise campaigning strategy and awareness of the need for actions and campaigning techniques to be based on strategies and be adapted to effect changes in a given situation
  • Knowledge of the sub-region in general and a specialist knowledge in relation to Tanzania and Uganda or thematic issues in your brief
  • Ability to understand and express ideas in English and Swahili and where applicable, other relevant languages in a fluent, clear and concise way, both orally and in writing, and to communicate complex information and institutional positions
  • Ability to motivate and inspire others towards activism for change, including through creative and dynamic approaches to encourage campaigning in the face of obstacles and including an understanding of digital campaigning tools and their appropriate use for target audiences to ensure both online and offline activism and mobilisation
  • Ability to represent AI in a variety of forums, particularly with civil society and the AI membership

Please see the attached job description for more information on responsibilities, skills and experience required

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