Finance And Administration Assistant

Recruiter / Employer: The Lutheran World Federation
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

Role Purpose

 The incumbent will primarily be in charge of Compound Financial and administrative roles but also support certain Financial and administrative role of the LWF Kakuma area program, 70% dedicated to compound (Management of funds contributed by partner organizations and spearheading the administrative roles of compound management i.e. common areas and staff) and 30% dedicated to LWF Kakuma Area program.

 The incumbent will report directly to Finance Officer or his/her designate.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Prepare compound management invoice scheduling based on room allocations and invoicing related agencies accordingly.
  • Keep track of partner’s payments by maintaining accurate receivable reports for each partner and distributing statements before the end of each quarter of the year.
  • Keep track of compound other income, follow up on payments and red flag overdue accounts for necessary action.
  • In conjunction with Finance Officer, review MOU with partners, circulate to partners and ensure that it is signed before the commencement of the annual year.
  • Prepare annual budget estimates in readiness for approval by compound partners before the commencement of the period under consideration.
  • Accurately track compound day to day expenditures, ensuring that they are properly supported.
  • Undertake monthly reconciliation of cash disbursements to HQ for compound transactions against actual expenses from those disbursements.
  • Keep accurate track of supplier’s statements for each month of the year and share these reports to the management committee.
  • Distribute aging report for outstanding income for partners under consideration.
  • Circulate monthly management reports that details budgeted vs actual expenditure for the respective month.
  • Sequential and proper filling of all the compound management documents for all expenses both at the program level and headquarter level.
  • Perform monthly cash flows for the compound that reconciles income and expenditure statements and the bank balance at the end of the month.
  • Disbursement of cash payments ensuring all relevant supporting documents are attached and that all the calculation are accurate.
  • Cash withdrawals from the bank and maintain compound petty cash ensuring that all the payments are adequately supported.
  • Preparing final books of accounts in readiness for audit of the year under consideration. This should be done in the first month after the year of audit.
  • Keep track of all compound property, maintaining asset register and ensuring that they are tagged and verifiable.
  • Supporting day to day financial accounting of the Kakuma area program finance function including covering up for staff deficits on account of leave or exit.


  • Ensuring that the compound environment remain tidy at all times.
  • Scheduling repairs for various assets including building to ensure that they remain in good state at all times.
  • Support LWF Kakuma area program day to day administrative roles including standing in for the administrative Assistant.
  • Help in planning for compound management meetings by circulating notices and agenda, sitting in the meetings, taking, sharing with partners, and filing minutes.
  • Participate in handling annual fuel framework contracts
  • Circulating MOUs and approved budgets to partners for signing before the commencement of the year under consideration.
  • Supervision of all Compound Management staff
  • Support the Area Program Manager in keeping all compound user agencies updated on progress of projects, joint assets like the gym and all matters that require their attention.

 Academic and professional Qualifications

  • Degree in Business related discipline from a recognized University with specialization in Accounting or Finance.
  • Completed full CPA certification (CPA part 3). those registered as CPA-K will have an advantage.
  • 3 years’ experience with field operations in NGO setting in in a busy Finance Office. Exposure to real estate management will be an added advantage.
  • Experience working with various partners that manages a wide range of grants including UNHCR.
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel.

Personal Attribute

  • Good team player - work collaboratively with others.
  • Ability to communicate and maintain highly professionalism
  • Strong administrative skills, Problem solving, conflict resolution skills & ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Attention to detail
  • Good reporting writing skills
  • Able to work independently; self-motivated & Ability to work in a challenging environment.
  • Ability to promote the values of equality, non-discrimination, and human rights for all
  • Attention to detail and the ability to work logically, consistently and accurately
  • Excellent numeracy skills combined with an inquiring, analytical mind
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