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Fans react to Lupita Nyong'o trying Viper snake stew

 Lupita Nyong'o tries eating Viper snake stew.

Renowned actress Lupita Nyong'o has once again captivated the online world with her adventurous culinary exploration, this time featuring a video of her savoring a dish of viper snake stew.

Known for her fearless exploration of diverse cuisines, the award-winning American-based actress delighted fans by showcasing the preparation of her unconventional meal. Initially, the video hinted at a live snake consumption, creating a momentary illusion for some viewers.

However, Lupita masterfully revealed a meticulously crafted viper snake stew, artfully presented in a popular 'Abuja Bag.' She placed the steaming dish on a stool and embarked on the unusual taste test.

In a moment of contemplation, Lupita shared, "You are about to witness me eat a Viper (snake), and here in Benin. I have never eaten a snake. It doesn't look as scary as I thought it would,” Lupita said.

Before putting the delicacy in her mouth, Lupita said, “I don’t think I can do this,” as the actress almost reconsidered her decision before summoning the courage to take the first bite.

After a few deep breaths, Lupita experienced a surprising revelation with the initial taste. Pausing to savor the delicacy, she nodded approvingly and remarked, “It actually tastes like chicken, the texture is like chicken, and the flesh is like that of chicken, I’m not into the skin though. It’s really nice. I like this," declared Lupita.

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The reactions from Lupita's social media followers were as diverse as the culinary experience itself.

@officialzainab playfully set the tone by expressing, "Why was I expecting a viper to come outta the bag though?. Meanwhile, @emilykazungu added a comedic twist, stating, "Not you eating your ex ?," and @jcanwisegirl entertained the idea of a dietary transformation, humorously saying, "I’d become a vegan first. Nope, nope, hell no."

@lizchigi shared a relatable sentiment, saying, "Omg I felt that 'it feels like a snake' lol," echoing the collective unease associated with the idea of consuming snake meat. On the other hand, @morbemo showcased a clear culinary boundary, asserting, "My palette ain't exquisite enough to taste that. No thank you. Can't be eating one of my worst fears. "

@PopapoMkubawa took the fear to another level, admitting, "My snake phobia couldn’t even let me see you take a bite knowing it’s snake meat it’s that serious ." @SeaManny humorously expressed potential frustration, declaring, "I'd be mad if I was tricked into eating this, thinking it was chicken... I don't mess with such."

@MoniMitch provided a humorous commentary on Lupita's dramatic reactions, stating, "Lupita is so dramatic. All of that squealing and wincing, then all of a sudden... 'Oh, it looks like chicken.' She's priceless." Additionally, Moni Mitch speculated on Lupita's recent food-related content, suggesting, "I feel like all of this recent food and Continent-related content is gearing up for a project based around those elements. If so, she's the perfect person to spotlight Africa and its food culture."

Chalunga took a more pragmatic approach, challenging those hesitant about trying unconventional foods, stating, "Y'all people out here on some 'I would rather starve than eat that's. Y'all do NOT know hunger. Have never Known hunger. If that was all you had to eat, and it was in front of you, not even prepared as well as this, you would eat it."

@Ellspressions acknowledged Lupita's adventurous spirit, saying, "@lupitanyongo girl you better chew it and enjoy it because you ate that crunchy grasshopper, but on a serious note, I can't eat snake, not after Genesis, but thanks for trying for the rest of us. I hear it's a cross between chicken and fish."

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