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I'm into him, but he does not notice me

 How can I catch his attention, and put the thought of romance into his mind? [Courtesy, Freepik]

Hi Chris,

There’s a lovely guy at work I really fancy, but he never seems to notice me. How can I catch his attention, and put the thought of romance into his mind? 

Unnoticed Hi Unnoticed!

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think. Start by creating the right general impression. Always dress well, everything fitting perfectly and showing just enough skin.

Always look happy and cheerful. Your eyes lighting up with pleasure at the slightest excuse. He’ll notice a carefree laugh. And men love flirty gestures from women, so tease back if your guy ever says anything risqué.

Men also love feeling appreciated by a women, so respond with a smile to even the slightest courteous gesture.

Now you need to let him know you’re specifically interested in him. Do that by taking charge of the eye contact between you! 

Glance at him until your eyes meet. When that happens, lock eyes for a moment and then immediately look down, with a slightly embarrassed smile on your face. Quickly glance back at him for a split second.

He’ll be cautious in case it was all just an accident, but he’ll also start watching you to see whether you’re still looking at him. Keep tabs on him from the corner of your eye.

The next time he looks at you, glance back and lock eyes for a second or so before looking away. Pretend you’re busy for a moment, and then do it again. Smiling each time as you look away.

Does he seem pleased that you’re looking at him? No? Give up, you can’t win them all. But if he looks happy, look straight into his eyes and smile a little. If he smiles back, you’ve in. 

Now you need to give him some opportunities to talk to you. Maybe make a few unnecessary trips past him to the water cooler, or whatever. Glance at him when he’s looking at you, smile, get up and wander slowly by, looking at him one more time as you pass.

Only a total wimp will fail to get the message.

All the best,Chris


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